Scayla's Chonkventure, a Text-based Semi-survival RPG

Been working on this little project and got inspired, after I played Noone’s FTAG a few months ago.
Always wanted to make a game, now this dream is coming true.
I’m not the best at coding, just started afterall heh…but I hope you will find some fun in my little game.
You can download it here: Scayla's Chonkventure by Endermite0800

If you have any questions or Bugs to report, let me know here, on Itch or on DIscord.


What does FTAG stand for?

FTAG is an acronym for “Fatty yext adventure Game”, a game made by a person that goes by Noone over on Fatty Text Adventure Game by noone_fa

FTAG is quite the good game and I liked it so much, that it inspired me to make my own game, centered around similar themes.

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Feels a bit barebones, but all projects have to start somewhere!

Rather than poke about future features I mean to ask: Scayla is transported to a world where dragons are the dominant species, why are the first NPCs we meet human? Feels a bit contradicting, at least for the very start of the game.
Regardless, hope to see further development soon! And hopefully a mutual gain sidestory with Benni (or Benny, however it’s written) the drunk >:)

Thank you VERY much for your feedback!

  1. Yeah I know, feels a bit odd, but that’s what I came up with, and I wanted to include two of my best friends into the game, and I thought those points in the game seemed like good “start” for those two to show up. Don’t worry though, dragon NPCs soon…if I find a good way to implement more NPCs…Maybe I’ll move the two NPCs further down the line, don’t know, hehe.

  2. I only plan for the protagonist to gain weight…maybe some other characters soon? If more people want that sort of thing, I miiight add a side-story.

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im hyped for another dragon game there isnt enough of them. The framing is good i hope this goes far

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it probably will. I always wanted to make a game, and now I have the time AND the motivation. I will make this perfect…well…as much as I can with my limited coding skills.


New Version available!