Sci-fi Metroidvania: with Inflation and Expansion abilities

Hullo! Skellie here, and after a year or so of attempted solo-dev, bouncing around engines, and lots of refining, I’ve got a pitch(and it may look similar to an older post of mine):

Stellar explorer Roxxie Rae follows a strange distress signal to an unknown planet, where she uncovers a lost civilization, a strangely familiar AI-woman, and even stranger abilities that change her form in unexpected ways.
With her trusty ray-gun, expandable figure, and plenty of quips, she’ll battle monsters and her old Guild nemesis to escape the planet alive!
Abilities include but won’t be limited to; Weighty Wham, RayPump, ledge-grab, and lots more.
Areas I’ve come up with include; Growling Grotto, Pulverized Plateau, Bubbly Bog, and Slippery Slopes.

If that sounds like something you are interested in, feel free to say so! And if you want to help, I could use all the assistance I can get. I can’t seem to post in the “looking for help” thread, so here’s my pitch instead :slight_smile:


Sounds like an incredibly promising project, I hope it comes to fruition despite its ambition.

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Thanks Nepzel, appreciate it!