Sci-Fi Space Opera: Looking for players

What the title says, I’ve a Discord Server based around my Homebrew Science fiction setting that happens to be conducive to very large women. I’m the DM and looking for Players.

Female WG only. I vocally narrate, as that has been a sticking point.

PM me here at a delay, or shoot me an FR on Discord at Tungston Mountain#3132


Is it a homebrew system or just homebrew rules for an existing system like Starfinder or something?

Might be helpful to post a system for people.
As far as science fiction you could go from Infinity, Eclipse Phase, any of the Star Wars RPG, Traveller…
There are a few discord related to WG TTRPG where you could find people as well.
The WeightGaming Discord for one.

Slightly modified 5E DnD.

This sound good can i join ?

Hit me up on Discord so we can see. ^^

If you’re open on Thursdays, I might be intrested

Theoretically I Could do Thursdays most of the time. That would depend on the time of day. I’m under EST.

Think I am as well! But if you got space open, I can hit you up on discord or even DMs here