Scratch as community friendly engine?

Recently I have been looking into breaking out of just making visual novels and I decided to check out a few free engines and tools to make games and I came across Scratch.
Scratch is a tool to learn programming created by MIT and has a helpful and welcoming layout and instructions on how to learn to create games, you can even add your own assets to projects if you feel like getting even more creative.
I have a feeling that Scratch could be very welcoming to new devs in the community looking to make their first game.
Check it out below and let me know what you guys think?

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Scratch is alright, but it’s way too limited. Great for teeny little minigames though, I made and hosted a lewd inflation game on the actual Scratch site for all of like 2 days before it got booted off the site back during the Inflatechan era, heh.

There are ways of exporting your games to HTML to upload on Itch, its what i did for my game Waffle pong.