Screenwriter, two time comedian and failed actor.

If y’all’ve been perusing the forums for a while, you probably have noticed one or two of my many paragraph long essays.
If so, good, because you’re well aware of what’s coming up.
Unless I decide to put a TL;DR at the bottom.

I’ve been a member of this forum for quite a while. A lurker, for the most part. I made my account way back when. Atticus was still working on Elysium, Turris Puesco was still among the curated projects and sharing a place with those two were the Unnamed Stuffing RPG maker game and a couple more I can’t recall right now. Don’t know if I made an intro post back then as well, but… I mean, if I did it was in 2016. At that point, I hadn’t sold any scripts, done any stand up nor tried my hand at acting. Nevertheless, I’ve never been active in the forums, not until fairly recently at least. So I figured this would be appropriate, given I have the intention of being more active from now on. And by that, I mean “Posting more than once in 4 years”.

So, about me. While I’d like to say that the title says everything, there’s a few things missing. I’ve studied screenwriting for about 5 years at this point. I’ve written about five short film scripts and sold three, of which, one is an ongoing production, the other one is in the production company’s backlog and the last one has been in post-production for about a year now. In case you’re none too familiar with how film production works, it means the latter is never getting released and the one before may never even see the light of day. On top of that, I’ve been a self-taught graphic designer for about 11 years now. Not that that means a lot, because I peaked about 5 years ago. Still, I’ve been getting back to it as of late. Probably a result of finding a style I enjoy, which, at the very least from my perspective, is pretty damn great. On top of that, I’ve been learning about game design on my own as well. Not coding, not 3D modelling or any of those things that would allow me to make a game where I could apply my knowledge. No. I learned about making a fun game, without learning how to make a game. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.
On top of those things, I’ve acted as a stand up comedian precisely twice. I don’t know how good my routine was, I don’t know if I was funny or not. All I know is that people applauded when I left. Since I was feeling adventurous during those days, I tried acting too. Now, I don’t know the exact reason, but the experience was miserable, and the end result was barely worth 5 seconds of attention. I tried acting a few more times, went to a few casting calls, and at the end, it all resulted on nothing. Maybe i should have kept pushing, but by that point, I was getting tired of it. And there were a few other things I had more interest on, so I dropped acting.

As for tastes, on these last 4 years, I’ve gotten really into Synthwave, Outrun, Vaporwave, City Pop, Mallsoft and 80’s Funk & Soul. That said, I also enjoy hip-hop, trip-hop, a handful of J-pop bands (most of which have disbanded at this point), and a few of the mainstream classics. Now, none of those grab my interest as much as the first six. For media, most of what I consume is games. Ironic, coming from a filmmaker, but it is what it is. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch films nor TV shows. It just means they have to really get me for me to stick with them. I’m including anime in those previous categories, by the way. As for what I like, I tend to not be a fan of slow media. Slow as in “there are not many things going on at a given time”. Which doesn’t mean I only like good old overbudgeted action movies. I can enjoy a good character study, a la “Good Times” or “Rumble Fish”. Now, my favorite anime is Kill La Kill, so you be the judge.
As for comics, almost exclusively manga. And even that, I consume very infrequently. The only two non-japanese comics I’ve read would be Transmetropolitan and Killing Joke.

And as a final paragraph, the stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. I’m really damn good at finding things on the internet. Is there an image you saw a while ago made by an artist that’s now gone? I could find it. Is there a short story someone wrote on an imageboard and it was really good and you’d like to read it again? Same thing. I’ve found many white whales during my years on the internet. Primarily, because I know what to look for and where to search, but I have gotten stumped a few times as well. Not without making some significant discovery, such as part of what I was looking for or the reasons why it’s gone. I have a pretty decent memory when it comes to artists and the little quirks their styles have, which has helped me a lot when looking for stuff. As for art of my own, I write and I do rather shoddy colorwork. There’s no website for those, but if you ever see an image with very simple and jagged shading, I’ve probably done that. I have a penchant for writing pages upon pages of utter bollocks before getting to any point, as you may have noticed if you’ve stuck the post up to this point. I shitpost frequently, and when I do, I like to give the shitpost a few hours of work. I’ve written a handful of Game Design Documents and I’m writing an essay on waifus/husbandos on my off-time. That’s not a joke, in case there was any doubt.

So, yeah. That’s all.
But wait! There’s a TL;DR
4 year old lurker has decided to not lurk anymore. Writes for movies, made people laugh twice and has no acting skills whatsoever. Likes music, like a sane human being would, and also movies and TV shows, but really likes games. Is good at finding shit on the internet, writes porn, but also an essay on waifus/husbandos. The last one’s not released yet, but it may happen.

I’ll be seeing y’all.


Always nice to see people trying to be more active in the forum, given how easy it is to just sit back and lurk. (Something I tend to gravitate towards…)


Oh, man. Deadpool was stuck in post, too. The only reason it got pulled into release was thanks to the opening credits scene leaked (before the actual credits were imbedded). Super rare example, I know. But I’ve heard of others finally get released, too, so if it happens, yay?

Welcome to the forum!

Always happy to have another lurker decide to join us so welcome!

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Coming from a fellow film maker, VFX artist, actor, VR game developer and composer. I can tell you now that there is nothing more fustrating than comiting to something only to find that someone else doesn’t care about it. But you said it yourself, find something and stick to it, amd eventually everyone that said they never believed in you will be telling stories about how they met you.

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Well, welcome to the forums.