Script question

What language is this in? I’m new to coding and this doesn’t look familiar to me. What is the correct syntax for if, then, else

specifically do you need curlies for something like

{if(GetFlag("giggidy") == 1){chance(50)}else{chance(20)}}

also how do I random numbers? Is there some documentation kicking around for all this?

Its java based. well the game is so it borrows a lot from it. There is some documentation and a partial source code available from the main site. really the best way to learn it is by seeing how things are already done. That’s how i learned it all.

All of the features of the scripts should be in already existing code. If after that you still have questions, feel free to ask!

This is MVEL2 scripts, java based syntax. Here oficial doc’s for MVEL:

How would I add an event if I wanted to do something? Also how would I add items that made the breast expand without lactation?

That’s a simple question with a lot of baggage.

Open the game in dev mode. Open the events editor. Make your event. To get it to show up you have make a button in another event that links to your event. Then you should preferably have your event link back to another event so you can easily get out of it.

To add an item you’d need to use the items editor. Save it. Then you need to add it to the game either through a line of code that gives the item, or add it into a shop.

How to make make breasts expand without lactation? That’s going to require you to look at the organ code with the organ editor and try and make sense of it. Generally, you’ll need to add fat, milk, or implant volume to the breasts to make them bigger.

I encourage you to poke around the game as an example of how things are done. That better learning/teaching than i can provide.