Script that runs hourly on items

Has anyone figured out how the “Script for run hourly, if item in inventory” works, i’m trying to make an item that would add stats overtime while it is in the proxy’s inventory, but I haven’t gotten it to work yet.
Here is the charm if you wish to help.

As far as I can tell, nothing works there and it’s probably never been implemented. Might have to wait for the opinion of a more experienced modder, though.

Yeah Ive never messed around with that functionality, so i don’t know how or if it works. maybe h.coder can provide some light

Sorry, but actual processing of item’s hourly script is removed in some early version of game - previous implementation cause big conflicts with mulithread script processing. And as none of items use it at these times, so I just forget to reimplement it later.
Right now similar behavior can be reached by applying scripted effect on character, with check in the effect script - if specific item present on character. Like this:

//in event that give character charm:
proxy.loadEffect(“generic.fat”, “blubber_charm”); //actually any stat will work, not only generic.fat

// in blubber_charm.effect file - scripted effect
if (self.hasItem(“blubber_charm”)) //filename of item
… //yours code from item hourly script here

wow, thanks for the response.