"Seaching" a game

Howdy again, its Ray, the dude that never say anything because over thing the smallest thing, you probably notice that I put “searching” in between quotation marks this is because I know the name of the game, who made it and where to download it, but the reason because I am asking is because the game download link was in one of the tweet of the person who created it and … well… the account dont exist any more so that why I am asking, well now i gonna describe the game to see if someone have it:

the game is called Pastry Panic and is a mobile game, if I remember well the game was a reskin of a game on the play store of which i dont remember the name well and i think was remove from the play store, in the game you as a cat with some type of device that works like a helicopter and you fly to eat the pastries that are falling from the sky (i think that was kinda obvious) while also dodging bombs that are also falling from the sky, in the game there were 4 extra foods you can get being:

ice cream: which make all bombs fall very slowly but you also move slower (in comparation of the bombs you still move kinda fast but still you are slower.

candy: which increased your movement but i make you really bouncy.

coffe: which also make you faster but now the bombs falls really fast.

broccoli: which make you thinner.

if I remember well the name of the account of the person who created the game was Pentagonround.

Thanks for reading.