Search for Starbound mod: LeupaiRealization

Does anyone know where this mod went? I’ve been booted from the Leupai fandom’s discord community and I’ve been searching all night for a way to fix the a really specific bug.

The bug consists of being unable to warp/travel to another planet, meaning I only have the one planet I start on, and cannot go anywhere in the Leupai starship.
And yes, this is a very old version of Starbound, and no, I do not know what version it is. If you want me to find it, I’ll need to know how to find out through the files themselves.

What I am hoping is that a programmer can understand what error is there and where I can find the problem in the XML config files or somewhere I can fix this. The other option would be finding a place to download a better/newer/working version of the LeupaiRealization mod.

I would highly appreciate either solution, and I’ve been digging all night trying to find a solution, but I’m stumped. Thank you for any attempts anyone makes.

(If anyone asks saw pre-edit, I was naive and haven’t tested with a race’s ship that wasn’t the mod-provided Leupai ship. In that old version of Starbound, there was random gibberish code that ran down while you were jumping to another planet or system. I was not aware of this until I jumped in the default ship.)

So… I’m a lil dumb. The mod I have works with the beta Starbound, and I might have learned a bit on modding in C++ in the process. So what was happening was my slow laptop takes years to generate a planet, and I just assume it’s only bugged, not actually generating it. So yeah, if a mod feels like archiving or removing this thread, go ahead. I was just impatient. (although, to be fair, it took nearly half an hour for this thing to generate a ‘large’ planet)

There’s a Discord server for Leupai? Is there a link?

There is one, but as I said, I got kicked from it. I found it somewhere but that was like a year ago, so I have no recollection of where it was. It’s a private Discord, probably, if it still even exists. There is a member I recognize from there that is also here: SelectFilly, but it looks like s/he doesn’t do anything on here. If I remember right it was called “Leupai’s Mound”.

Oh. Do you have any clues on where it may be found?

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