Searching for a forgotten super old flash game

So I was searching for an old flash game (like very old, at least 8 years) that was basically a Sonic ripoff but with weight gain elements. Does anyone know what I am talking about?
Thank you in advance for any help!

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There’s several famous mods for the actual Sonic games, called, uh, Sonic XXL or something like that. No clue about Flash games, though.

It’s not a mod. It was something online, and the character was not Sonic, but the game had the same gameplay. Sadly it’s all I remember.

“Sonic 2 XL” you mean?

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Was it this?

Because sadly this is all Jinx could find about this.

It’s the first thing I thought of- the one where you avoid the rings as they fatten you up, yeah?

I believe that’s the one

No, it wasn’t a romhack, and you didn’t play as sonic, it just had the same gameplay.

quick question: what did the main character looked like?
was it an anthro furry? was it male/female?
what was the story/format of the game, apart from the obvious sonic reskin/theme?

also where did you first played it, on newgrounds, or???

Is about a boy who gets fat if it touches trash food?

I definitely remember a very old flash game like that.

A boy in a school setting with -I think- red hair who must get to the end of each stage sonic-style but there’s junk food that fatten him up instantly and he gotta do some pushups to slim down.

It feels like more than a decade ago since I last played that.

I am pretty sure that’s it, but I don’t remember the rest. I do know that the main character is neither a furry nor sonic-related

You might have a tough time finding it, it’s an edutainment game that was a PSA for healthy eating.

Forgive me if this seems like I’m hijacking the thread, however it makes sense to collate requests such as these into a single thread instead of having one for each.

For ages I’ve been wondering if the flash game Scott C refers to here ever existed or if it was just some trolling attempt, in any case I fell for the bait haha.

For those who don’t wish to click the link, to quote Scott C himself:

A cookie for whoever finds the game or debunks it for the hoax it could be!

I can’t even help find it anyway, Flash was discontinued on my browser a week or two ago.

I think the game he’s talking about, if I recall, was meant to promote fitness.

i think i found the name of it was it called snack dash and did it look like this : hope the site is ok that i linked form its a super old blogspot

That’s it|||||||||||

its on newgrounds… but its VERY buggy need to right click and click err i forget to get past the adombie flash 8 required screen… given its a flash game a better copy of it might be in the flashpoint archive or sfwchan if its still around