Searching for a game copy from Gain Jam 2020

I was looking through gain jams for something quick to play, and I found this Untitled Robogirl Shmup, which seemed really interesting, but the download link is closed down, so I was wondering if anyone actually had a copy lingering somewhere.


I do have the game but I feel a bit strange uploading someone else’s things. I don’t know if they deleted the link or it just got deleted by mega. I would assume that it was delete by the user tho

Mega says the link is no longer accessible, although I would think he would’ve removed the link if the creator didn’t want to make it no longer playable. It seemed at least interesting, and without having any visual representation I can’t really fathom how it’d look either. It happened again for other games I was interested in playing that have either gotten taken down by their makers, so usually no more download links, or the server for said games got shutdown. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up once again then.

Hello there! I’m the one who made that entry for the gain jam. I’m very disheartened to learn that the link is no longer up. I’m unsure why the link was deleted, but I can assure you I didn’t do that myself. Around that time, I got a new computer and unfortunately the original file got lost in the shuffle and is no longer on my current computer.

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Would you be opposed to someone like @yamhead uploading it, or send it to you to share again?

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Yea, that’s perfectly fine by me. I’d love to get my hands on the original file again.

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