Searching for a game I used to play

I’m looking a for a pure text game. It was set in like a space station choose your own adventure- type game, I played it a few years ago. Depending on what choices you picked you could get fatter. It also had elements of breast expansion as it had like a lab with potions you could take. If anyone thinks they know what game this is please let me know :heart:

Sounds like the original version of Extraterrestrial Gains, which you can find here


It does seem to be that one however I want the old version as I found it more enjoyable without the fighting n stuff. How would I go about running the old game on browser?

Download “LEGACY VERSION,” unzip it into a new folder, and open “Extraterrestrial Gains.html” in your favorite browser. It should be just that easy.

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Huh how do I (please explain like I’m stupid (I am))

On the page for the game there are three downloads under the download section. One of them is called the legacy version. Download that version, install, and play.

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It won’t let me play cause it’s zip file

Depends on what operating system you use as to how, but you need to unzip the file in order to use it. 5 Ways to Unzip a File - wikiHow

You may need to download a program like 7-zip or WinRAR if you don’t have a way to unzip a file normally.