Searching for HTML WG games

Hello !
With my seconde fetish i saw that in the gender bend type their was quite a lot of HTML games and i wanted to know if there were some about WG (with illustration : drawing or pic) .
I mean it doesnt seems to be that hard to create but i don’t seem to find any here, is there a reason for that?
Also English is not my main language if you could correct me i would be grateful!

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There are a few but not many have illustrations. Boundless for one, had a bunch of drawings of creatures and items (though many disappeared in the last updates before its untimely demise).

The big problem is, that there is just not a limit for many people, so trying to get into that part of making a game is intimidating for many. There is a whole meme about how there is always at least ONE person who wants more thicc.

If you are fine with more basic text stuff, there are many options. A bunch of twine things, free cities… I even have a small idle game that I abandoned before even announcing it.

If you look up wg quest games, you should also be able to find some things. Its basically html, just made with a helper thing.


Whats you pfp from if you dont mind me asking? Also an idle game sounds fun!

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Yes. I like text game but i prefer when there is at least illustration to better understand the body type. And thanks i understand why there is not this much type of game. Thank you!!

EDIT: Sorry I thought html games as in games playable in browser, I think you meant html text games with illustrations, was gonna list my html5 games

I mean I’ll take the list lol

Wait a minute you made food therapy! I’ve been looking for that game

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NP ^^ i didnt explained what i wanted well .
But you can still list html5 games i can try it.
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Here u go:

Its honestly literally just numbers going up. As is, playing with a calculator and imagining the number to be your weight would give you a better experience.

I am planning to re-work it to have actual mechanics some day, with a layered system from fullness to metabolism but right now you just get food, eat it and the number goes up. No other feedback.

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Sheesh I’m late : Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja here it is.