Second Life

Hi! im a little old here (but i never do a topic lol) well… i think we can do a huge and good place in second life for all weight gainers here… the game has a market who have some weight gain items for furrs and humans!.. and well thats all… what you think guys?

note : srry for my english, it is not my language soo… i do my best to speak it and leave all the ideas clear

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I dunno. In theory, Second Life is the answer to all fetish problems. There isn’t a map or content that caters to your specific tastes? Make it yourself!

To put it politely, though… It does not play out like that. Granted, I only popped on for like a day a couple of years ago, but from what little I saw, I knew it was not what I needed.

User-made content was very hit-or-miss (mostly miss), and frankly, the idea of paying LindenLabs real money to allow your fetish dungeon to exist is just entirely unappealing. And I don’t know if they’ve improved the game since, but it absolutely chugged for me.

Altogether, it just seems entirely not worth it. Dedicating oneself to generating content for SL doesn’t seem particularly enriching when people can use that effort to make their own content for their own projects.

Before I say anything I want to state that I am assuming the flowing quote is referring to Weight Gaming.

I used to make some stuff in SL for the fun of it and I know my GF and I looked at doing something like you are suggesting. I dont exactly remember why we didnt go through with it but I think it was a combination of engine limitations/costs.

On the Weight Gaming front I find the idea interesting, but I do not think we can really dedicate the time or money for that right now. If we ever reach our higher patreon goals though we might consider something like that for the community if there is enough interest.

I used to know someone who made fat avatars as well as ones that would actually bloat/inflate/etc. and burst if they got too big. It was pretty amazing but not even that is worth going back to SL.