Seeking Level Designer for Furry Inflation FPS

Like the title states, I’m looking for someone to assist in making a few multiplayer maps for demo/testing purposes in a furry inflation FPS I’ve been creating this year (with a handful of other talented furries).

Link to the current game demo to prove that I actually have a decent amount of work done already: Phwoomph by FurryDerby

As the lead coder I’m confident the project can still reach its goal without additional help, but I do want to expand (heh) the team a bit to make things go a bit smoother as college starts back up again for the fall.

I need a few small (2-4 player) simple maps in the style of Quake 3 or UT to test upcoming multiplayer DM features. Nothing detailed, just quick blockouts. If you have any experience with custom mapping in retro shooters (namely 3d ones like Quake, TF2, Half-Life, etc.) and your computer can run the unreal engine editor then I’d like to talk to you about maybe working with you.

Also, if you are interested in working on the project in other ways I would most likely be open to hearing you out.