Seeking Sprite artists for an inflation based Top down shooter.

So for a few months now I’ve been working on a game project that is a top down shooter where you navigate levels and defeat enemies by shooting projectiles at them that steadily inflate them till they explode. I have no playable build yet but I do have gameplay of prototype builds to present, links below:

So as of right now, I’m seeking out additional assistance with creating monster sprites for the project, couple of things to note with this:

  • The game aims for a pseudo 8-bit aesthetic violated only by the presence of sprite scaling, otherwise the visual style works with a limited color pallet and a constraint of 5-6 colors per sprite.

  • Efforts are made to be as efficient with sprite work as possible, each enemy essentially needs several sets of sprites for each frame so animations are mostly composed of few keyframe poses, as demonstrated in the video above.

  • Those offering help will be given a considerable amount of creative agency with this, while there are pre existing ideas and designs there’s also open opportunities to contribute their own ideas in terms of monster designs.


this game looks super cool

I’d be interested in helping! Send me a DM when you can.

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