Seeking Writer for Game - Paid Work

Hello :> I’ve finally admitted defeat and I realize that trying to juggle art and writing on my own is too much!

I’m looking to hire a writer to help me do a little world building and a lot of dialogue / relationship progression stuff. I’ll try to list the requirements of the job below.

  • renpy script format
  • sensitive emotive writing with feelings involved
  • erotic teasing/foreplay but not graphic sex
  • able to write a gender-unspecified protagonist
  • comfortable with male and female focus
  • flexible and willing to help review / fix current script

(yes, if you haven’t guessed it, I’m hiring help for Comfy Companion’s next chapter!)

here is an example of the writing and format I’m looking for:

“He looks down at the food in front of him.”
“An expression of shock appears, followed by a look of disappointment, then resentment.”
“He pushes the food away without touching anything, looking away from you.”

b “I don’t want it.”

u “E-eh?”
u “That’s a lot of food to go to waste.”

b “You’re just trying to make me fat.”
b “Am I not good enough for you?”

u “I don’t think that at all.”

b “Well, don’t be so insensitive…”
b “There’s no way I could eat all of this.”

u “You’re right. Please just eat what you can.”

b “…”
b “I’ll think about it.”

where b = boy (Lapis), and u = player character (you)

Please message me with a sample of your work that you’re most proud of, around 1000 words as well as your rates. I prefer to be contacted through discord cakecatboy#0001 or reply below!

I will also be willing to offer up art as a trade, if you need background work or character sprites done for your own personal projects. We could discuss a monetary value for each and a discounted trade if you prefer to be paid like that instead. here’s a link to my website where you can view my artwork and decide if drawing is how you’d rather be paid.



What kind of time frame are you looking at for the project. Is there a hard deadline?


I second the question.

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Hey I’m a bit confused about what the renpy part. I think I could fulfil the requirements for everything else but the programming part really isn’t my thing.


very flexible deadline! By that- I mean none. I’m not a writer so I’m willing to hear thoughts on an appropriate length needed for the story to feel ‘complete’. however long that takes! this is something I would prefer you didn’t feel rushed on, and I would need time to acquire money / draw artwork / implement story into the game. So a very flexible deadline. My apologies for neglecting to mention that!

The renpy thing is exactly like the sample I showed. That dialogue be structured in such a way and that everything is written from the protagonist’s point of view

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Oh so you meant that it’s supposed to be written like a visual novel. My bad I thought you were saying I had to do actual renpy programming. If it’s just VN style writing then it shouldn’t be a problem. Can I send you an example of my writing here on weightgaming or is discord preferable?


And what kind of word count around looking at? What was the word count of Comfy companion? Are you anticipating more or fewer words?


discord preferred please! if you don’t have discord you may dm it to me here too

flexible on this! I’m not really a writer so I don’t really know, it’s not going to be a stephen king novel by any means, maybe 3000-5000 words? I think that’s about it, but again I don’t know how to write so if it needs more or less I’m happy to work with either

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I’m kind of an amateur writer and don’t exactly trust myself to get paid, but i might as well throw my hat into the ring to get some practice.


It’s raining. Just in time for the cool fall rains to roll in.
a shiver runs down my spine as I park my ride.
“should’ve worn something colder…”
Still, just means it’s better weather for ramen, right?

I pull open the glass doors, letting loose a humid and warm air out, rich with the scent of pork and garlic
My mouth waters, shell shocked by the experience. A tall women, the chef, squints at me with an distant stare
“Hai. Irashai… And you’re letting the cold in.”
*Icy, apathetic. I cringed, wanted to hide… But, my stomach was in the driver’s seat, so I acted against my higher judgement."
“o-oh… S-sorry.”
… What else could I say?

The seats were… surprisingly comfy, and well padded, and although the building was… admittedly cramped i almost felt comfortable.
“… You still haven’t ordered, you know”
“S-Sorry… sorry…”

I messed up again…


“One bowl of ‘sorry sorry’ ramen, coming right up”
“… huh?”
The soft and gentle crackling of the stove draws my head up. The chef had turned her back, and was completely focused on the pot in front of her
“I… Th-”
I head again, expecting to be berated.
"what, can’t you even apologize right?"

But the insult doesn’t come.

i look up again, cautiously, she’s completely ignoring me, her quiet passion devoted simply to the task at hand

Cold, disinterested, the type of person that makes you feel invisible
…It doesn’t matter who I am, or what i’ve done… i’m the customer, that’s it.

My heart slows, just in time too, as find myself taken aback by not only one of the largest bowls of ramen… but in the shape of a smiely face? Two softboiled eggs floated gently on the glistening surface, bridged by a curved slice of porkbelly

“One bowl of sorry sorry ramen.”

Oh right, food.
I honestly wasn’t really hungry anymore, the tightness was gone… more or less
but it’d be rude… to not give it a try
i lift a spoonfull of the noodles to my face, blowing gently
“Here goes…”

I… don’t know what i was expecting
It was… delicious, to be sure,
Soft and melty porkbelly… Freshly cooked noodles… But it was missing something
It was missing someone
before I knew it, The tears slid down my face, spoiling the ramen

I stare down at my bowl, in shame

“… You know, If there’s something wrong with my ramen, you can just say so”
By the time i looked up, her back was turned again
“I just… thought it could use some more salt, is all”

“… S- Excuse me… This meal is too big for me… i’ll be back with… friends”
“bye… I’ll keep it warm…”
“… Weirdo”

Yeah, it isn't even close to 1000 words, but still glad i finally got an excuse to write something  - x-
Sorry in advance.

I will absolutely say I am interested, I specialise more in game design than writing but at least that should mean I can write decent choice dialogue… I think lol. The only real example of my writing would be my submission for the weight gaming game jam Yuki<3Hana which actually ended up being loosley similar to comfy companion entirely by coincidence lol. Obviously i dont expect you to look through the game just to pick out my writing style but if i can be of help i would be happy to try. I have a few text documents with just some of the raw text from my game which would be good for a glance. I reckon you will find someone better but figured i would throw my hat into the ring.


I’m just liking every single post here because I love y’all

Well I threw my hat in the ring. Looking forward to seeing what comes next for this game!


I want to thank each and every one of you for throwing your hats in the ring, I wasn’t expecting the choice to be so difficult but in the end I’ve decided to work with @SirKata because I felt like his passion for the game would really benefit the story.

thank you all again for applying! mods if you read this you can close the topic now :pray:


Thank you, @Cakecatboy!! I look forward to working with you! :heart:

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Topic closed, as requested