Sela the Dragon Lady (Demo v1.1 - New Orchard level, weight system, and more!)

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Sela is back in more low-poly fatty platformer goodness with a brand new level, mechanics, and even a weight gain system.

Use the new bash move to break down anything in your way and kick some Troll butt! Explore the Underground Orchard! Eat some rock candy fruit! You can do it all and more in this new demo!

This was supposed to come out in April, but life finds a way to get in the way, but the team and I put in a lot of work to try and bring you all a fuller vision of what Sela could be. For now, enjoy this little slice while I take some time to work on some other projects.

Sela Dev Team is
With the vocal talents of Coffeecakedemon

If you’re interested in contributing to the project, feel free to send me a message.


Very cool game! I immediately remember Spyro.
I understand that this is a demo, but there is not enough humor or secrets, according to the type of games such as: Macbat 64 and Toree 3D.
And so, good luck in the development!

Played the new content. It was overall good! Loved the music and Coffeecakedemon has done a wonderful job breathing life into Sela.

My only major criticism is that the cavern level is too dang dark! My screen at time was awash with dark brown and black so much so I really struggled to find my way forward. The tower at the end where the fourth sun gem is, it took me like 10 minutes of searching to find the cracked wall to break just because of how dark it was. This is only exacerbated by the low-poly art style; many of the wall textures merge with one another, adding to the disorientation.

There’s a jump to be made here… somewhere…

I’m currently ascending a tower. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Woe betide anyone who is playing this during the day where there’s any ambient light in the room. It’s particularly egregious right at the start when the player isn’t clued in on needing to charge and smash through the cracked wall at the top of the pillars, along with the tower.

Darkness issues aside, I enjoyed the weight gain, although it would be nice to somehow indicate that Sela has reached her max weight. Something like she emits a small belch to signify that she’s full or her footfalls sound heavier with her increased mass.

Overall I still enjoyed my time with the game as it does hearken back to my PS1 days of exploring the nooks and crannies of voluminous 3d levels.


The eating sound does change when hitting (what if there wasn’t a) max weight.

I really like the upgrades this game’s gotten. The only real struggle I had was the camera sensitivity, although I’m kind of used to it, being a Ratchet & Clank player.

Ah, I’ll have to listen out for that next time. I had assumed that there were simply different eating noises for variety.

…And while it might have been presumptuous of me to be jumping on the “Could Be Bigger” bandwagon already, a small part of me did wonder if there was going to be further weight gain levels, such as Sela increasing her capacity over the course of the game. I mean, if it’s tied to health then it’s reasonable to assume that there will be since HP upgrades are fairly common in these sort of games.

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This is a nice good because the Gameplay is easy and platforming is not floaty , the art work is PS 1 like but it work for it gives it a nice old school feel and it work and the music is nice I do not feel like turning it off when I am playing it this game just needs a better menu screen and a way to show the controls but beside this is a very good game in the works .