Sela the Dragon Lady (Demo)

Take on the Trolls in this Spyro inspired platformer, starring Sela the full-sized half-dragon. Defeat enemies, collect gems, and get the Spice.

Jump, glide, charge and flame your way through a sample level, plus and additional testing stage. Collect gems without slowing down or letting the timer expire to score as high of a chain as you can!

I’ve spent the past three months working on this game, trying to set up the fundamentals for an enjoyable platformer that can be built upon and expanded into a full world to explore. Any and all feed back is appreciated.

Sela Dev Team is
With the vocal talents of Coffeecakedemon

If you’re interested in contributing to the project, feel free to send me a message.


By the way, I challenge anyone to beat my time for a no hit, full chain run


This is super promising, I definitely wanted more levels once I was done with it! As for feedback, the biggest thing I had trouble with was how much the camera changes when you charge, I felt like the speed ended up not being worth it most of the time because I couldn’t see where I was going (plus you can’t see Sela!). It also felt a little weird switching to tank controls when running, but maybe that’s not as much of an issue on controller. The fire felt a bit slow/inconsistent too, it might be better to have a tighter cone/fireball that makes it clear exactly where the hitbox is.


Well, this came right the fuck out of nowhere. I think I’ll forgo the usual Senator Palpatine meme and go straight to the Zoobe Bunny meme to express my thoughts on this game so far:

You’ve certainly captured the classic Spyro gamefeel on the controller (I haven’t tested the keyboard yet), but it feels awkward to have Y be the jump button and A be the fire button instead of the other way around, especially since it feels much more comfortable to press A with your thumb while holding X than Y. Fortunately, I was able to able to get it to work with the trigger buttons, but I still instinctively try to push A to jump from time to time. (Because it isn’t mentioned anywhere, you push jump twice and hold to glide with Sela’s wings.)

I’ll also echo Chubberdy’s comment on the camera zooming in too close when charging because you can’t land your jumps properly if you can’t see your whole character.

Other than that, really good job on this and I look forward to seeing the full game. Fingers crossed for bigger sizes for Sela.

I claim first let’s play :slight_smile: really looking forward to the games futute progress.

Let’s play Sela The Dragon Lady (Demo) on Vimeo

This is absolutely charming! I’m in love with the character; her design, model, her little idle animations - the whole package is just adorable. CoffeeCakeDemon’s super talented and I love what she did with the voice.

This is a robust framework with a great hook and I’m really excited to see where it goes!!

For what’s there, it’s absolutely lovely. Everything about Sela is just straight lovable and I can’t wait to see more!