Selena belly story

There’s a decent game that’s currently being worked on that I haven’t seen mentioned here yet.

I hope I’m okay to give this a shout out here, as well as hoping I’m in the correct area for this.

The game is mostly exploring, trading with girls to have them eat something and a lot of main story stuff with dialogue, lots of stuff for your character and unlocking things as you go.

It’s not super time consuming and the gameplay loops are quick. They have added a couple minigames which is nice and there’s more on the way.

English is not their first language but I doubt it’ll bug anyone too much, you can tell what’s being said which is the important bit.

Either way, I hope this can go here and people like what this person has made and is currently working on more of.

Edit: link to final version


We’ll see how this goes. This creator kind of has a reputation for overpromising projects, and then disappearing only to re-emerge under a new name.

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interesting mechanical history and quite good art, the really bad thing is that it put false loading screens, they are very maddening

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Started playing, it’s great if you’re into straight-up stuffing content, maybe I haven’t gotten far enough but there doesn’t seem to be any real weight gain. The protagonist is thin again at the start of each day before she eats, I’m sort of hoping to see at least a little gaining later. An interesting mechanic is that different locations on the maps are accessible before or after she stuffs herself so you have to think about what you want to accomplish before she starts cramming food. I can certainly understand what all the characters are saying but the English is at times distractingly bad to me, personally. I’m sure not everyone will feel that way. I’m staying open minded, so far my hangups are minor and the characters are cute.

Played it, for some reason there was an ungodly amount of slowdown and eaten inputs. Aside from that it wasn’t that bad, though a localizer might help if they’re able to find one, as the dialouge sometimes just stops making sense.

I do hope they find someone as well. I don’t speak anything other than english or I may have responded when they asked for help. It can be distracting from time to time and I wish there was more than 1 dialogue which changes depending on what they asked for, and I’m not entirely sure they’ll do weight gain but it’s on the table for being possible for others besides the main character.

They do make weight gain content on their page, but only time will tell

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I’ll be the one who’ll fix the dialogues and all that, I talked to the creator over on deviantart and struck up that deal.
Now, before anyone goes back on deviantart to look for any updates: don’t.
We agreed that I’ll get the final update to the game earlier, fix it and then the complete game will be released already fixed, which should ideally be sometime August.
So yeah, if you’ve been thinking about trying this game out, I’d say wait until August when the proper english version will be released; I think I might post here again once it is so people don’t have to check the page every day.


If anyone, you’re the guy I trust to do it. Will it just be the final episode, or did the creator want you to tackle the first two, as well?

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Oh, it will be the entire thing.
There’s only one game, the chapters are more for the creator to have some sort of goals to work towards step-by-step I think; they’re not separate games, more like updates to the story. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say it’s a bit like with Bendy and the Ink machine, if anyone still remembers that.

So yeah, it’ll be the whole game up to this point + the new chapter and any changes the creator makes to what’s already done.

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Not sure how to let people know here but the game was fully released far ahead of schedule. The current download link:

I wish it was under happier circumstances, but enjoy

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Hello! I see more people know about my game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Actually the game is finish.

If you interested, now make a little udapte to fix some little bugs.

I hope you like and enjoy this game, because I have put all my effort and heart in it.

kisses! :kissing_heart: :heart: :heart:


gracias por sacar las falsas pantallas de carga entre mapas del lugar

hey the download link doesn’t work you might want to fix that

The first link is just for the old version, look my last link to the full version of the game :slight_smile:

well can you post the new link?

Eh … it’s up … from my menssage

I tried the final link that the creator provided and had no issues, but let me try to edit the original post I made and change out that link, maybe that will help.

Try here

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