Sep-Oct 2023 Income Statement

Good day everyone! Hope you all had a happy Halloween and enjoyed quite a bit of candy. Its that time of the month again so time to talk some numbers.

September was overall not too bad in terms of income. We saw a small decrease in our income form Patreon going from $505.82 down to $482.45 mainly due to a few declines. Our advertising income is still holding around $150. We did see about a $50 increase in our expenses for that month but we expected to see that bump as we usually always see something like that around the Jam.

We did take a bigger hit in October though. We had about $100 in declined payments which took out about 1/5th of our income. Its understandable though as we are sure many of our supporters are starting to save up for the holidays especially with how things are right now.

I would like to take this time to thank all of those, both past and present, who chose to help us pay for and run this site! We couldn’t have done this without you all!

As usual, here is the details for those interested, and if you like what we are doing and wish to help out more directly make sure to check out our Patreon!