September 2019 Income Statement

Its that time of the month again so here is our monthly income statements! For the most part it is quite standard but there are a few things to note.

1st Seeing a Small Decrease in Patreon Income

We are seeing a small decrease in our income for October. This is expected as we are sure most people are just trying to cut expenses with the holidays coming up. We would like to thank all of those who support our site, both past and present, for all they have generously given this far!

2nd S3 Trial has Expired

As you can see in the actual September income statement our S3 trial finally expired some time late last month. The current cost is not a good reading as we where only charged for a small amount of last month so we are waiting to see what the costs turn out to be next month before we begin evaluating how we may want to set it up with their Glacier storage service to help keep costs down.

3rd We Received a Generous Private Donation

We where given a private donation of a very generous sum of $800 from a donator who currently wishes to remain anonymous. This donation really came out of no where and we are very happy that some one was so please with the work we are doing that they wished to give us such a generous donation. So to that user that donated to us we all here at Weight Gaming want to thank you for your generosity!

And as usual, if you like what we do here and wish to support us you can do so through Patreon:

WGFIncomeStatements_10-19.pdf (407.1 KB)


Holy cow! Who ever you are stranger, you’re a legend for donating so much!

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Thats an amazingly generous help you sent to them, thats awesome.