Settlements within the tower

I.e Towns where you can buy unique monster based items like boss weapons or cursed items.

IDK about entire towns, but what about wandering merchants? Maybe some of them would make you pay for special items in pounds lost/gained?

Wandering merchants definitely will be a thing. Settlements, I’ve thought of that as an idea before, like having entire floors devoted to small towns where there are enough adventurers to hoard off the witch’s summons. But I scrapped that idea because it doesn’t coincide with the tower’s lore. One issue I already see is that all the other floors are dynamically generated maps. The settlement floors would need to be maps with fixed tiles and that doesn’t make sense. Why would the witch would make some floors change every time and then some just stay static so as to conveniently allow people to create settlements on them?

Creating towns other than Turici would be a far-off feature, but I imagine there being routes on the ground level (outside of the tower entirely) that lead to the other towns with fields full of monsters to go through.