Sex in games, yay or nay?

Hi all, I’ve been scouring the forum for a thread that asks this age old question, but can’t seem to find one. So I suppose I’ll be the first to set up a bit of a poll, and maybe provoke some kind of discussion, because I do find this a tad interesting.

Do you prefer having sexual content (i.e: intercourse, foreplay, etc.) in your game of fats?

  • I’d prefer sexual content to be in games.
  • I don’t care for sexual content, but it wouldn’t stop me from playing games with it.
  • I wouldn’t prefer sexual content to be in games.

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Additionally, would you be more likely to play a game if it had sexual themes, along with WG as the main focus?

  • I’d be more interested in playing it.
  • I’d be less interested in such a game.
  • Just give me the fats.
  • Other (Comment)

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Sex in a WG game is fine, as long as its justified in the context, casual sex is ok too but keep don’t over state its welcome and as long you do not how difficult it likely will be for those of 300-400 lbs mark since it starts getting in the way due to how fat they are


Id be about as interested in a game with sexual themes as not. Kinda depends on the game.


I don’t like sex in games. End of story.


I feel like the inclusion of sex in games doesn’t improve them much when I’m already getting a fetish fix. Since not everyone’s preferences of sexual content match, I think its inclusion introduces another point of failure that can turn people off from a game.


I’m with you I totally get that not everyone likes sexual content and that’s okay. But there are plenty that do like it and want it as well. For me, sexual content does improve the game and is linked to my enjoyment of the fetish as well, it just enhances the experience.

The majority of games on the site don’t have actual sexual content and further still, the amount of games on the site depicting actual sexual content(instead of fade to black scenes or implying it) is even smaller still. If someone doesn’t like sexual content there’s a long list of alternatives on the site.

I’d be down for more representation and inclusion of sexual content, since it’s clearly not an unpopular topic, but in my opinion is underrepresented for its popularity.


So long as the sex scenes aren’t the main focus of the game, then I’m okay with having them, cuz I can just skip them at that point lol

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My main thing is: so long as it’s optional or avoidable, I don’t care.


I could’ve sworn I saw another topic like this not long ago, but if it was more than just a figment of my imagination, I’m not having any luck finding it. Anyway…

I’m firmly in the “no explicit content” camp, but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority. I suspect that the reason most games on the site avoid it is that, as Fervus suggested, it adds another potential point of failure. Some people, like me, will get turned off by it no matter what, and then on top of that, you have to worry about getting your sex scenes right. A bad sex scene is going to turn everyone off, even the ones who do like sexual content. So ultimately, in terms of audience satisfaction, it amounts to a lot more work for less reward. If you do decide to add sex scenes to your game anyway even knowing that, it’s probably for your own personal satisfaction.

Regarding optional/avoidable sex scenes, I’m okay with them provided that they’re implemented correctly. Personally, I prefer for it to just be a toggle that’s set at the start of the game. That way, I don’t have to worry about accidentally ending up in a sex scene later on because I picked the wrong dialogue option.


This was actually very helpful in my opinion. Currently in the process of developing the game and while I certainly don’t enjoy that, it’s something that I’d like to be available as a toggleable feature, but I wasn’t quite sure how many people were actually interested in it. I want it to have a lot of different fetishes, even some uncommon ones, but have everything toggleable so you don’t have to like everything to have fun.

It is good to see some actual statistics. Expected there to be a fair amount but not this many. Also good to know that not many people would be uninterested because of it.

If anyone recognizes me, I’d just like to confirm it’s not something planned soon and I personally won’t be the one to develop it since I’m not interested in it, but if someone were to add it as a new system to the game (anyone can add new content since it is open source but it must be approved to become official) then it wouldn’t be rejected. Still got quite a way to go before that though, need to get 3D models finished at least.

I enjoy “implied” sex scenes. AKA I hate when there is a literal dick in the picture that someone is sucking/sliding in and out of, etc. I definitely don’t mind naked bodies and things implied there (whether through images or words), but I just don’t want to see a dick on my screen and literal pumping up and down.

most likely not, sex scenes change the perception of real sex for the worse, so this shouldn’t happen in games, and if it does happen, it won’t be much.

Rather have sex in real life. Rather make people fat in video games. Separates reality from fantasy.

Not interested personally, and I never play games featuring sex in explicit detail as a main part of the game.

Pornography is a deal breaker for me. Always has been, always will be.

I find it interesting that so many people, who are into wg and wg related fetishes, tend to avoid explicitly sexual content. A few years ago I would stray from games that include sex in them, but with age my viewpoint changed. At first I got used to the sexual content, but now I do enjoy it. I think that wg and sex can be completely separate things, but at the same time wg (and wg related things) can greatly enchance the sexual experience.