Shameless horndog post (fav wg trope)

I think about all these different ways of gaining I’ve read or played where it could be wg via magic, stuffing, trance-like gluttony, quarantine, mutual wg, manipulation… the list goes on.

My personal favorite is waking up the same person that fell asleep but now I’m in a universe where I’m twice my current weight (300lbs) or straight up immobile.

What’s your favorite way to fantasize weight gain?


That’s all this hound is gonna say besides that its me giving the other the chance at this


I’m very fond of a slow corruptive force, something subtle, unseen

a tying of food and sex and the effects on ones body and slowly awakening to how much one enjoys glutting and growing deep down and how turned on it makes them feel. Stuffing until they’re close to cumming. bashfully playing with their growing body and enthusiastically monitoring their growth. stuff like that

I just love a gradual but escalating slip into hedonism, particularly if the subject really loves it and embraces it ~


I prefer when it’s slow and gradual, every day the character get fatter but continue her living.

Generally, I play an adventuress who dates a slim girl and contributes to make her plumper, or my character become gradually heavier until the point it getting hard to do her task of adventuress and finally choose a sedentary life and grow even more fatter because of that.

All of that can last several years, in real life.

Something I don’t enjoy, it’s when the character grows huge fast and the tomorrow she is slim again like nothing happened.


For me it’s a gluttonous, insatiable appetite over strict weight gain. A feedee who can take pride in and flaunts their ability to put food away and still have room for more afterwards is :100: in my books.


Absolutely something akin to gluttony = pleasure. I always love it when the characters feel a deep lust/passion for food. Deep enjoyment of eating and gaining is what I most like to see.


competitive and sumo

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I’m with you on the power thing. I prefer my feedees to be in positions of power, be it successful predators or figures of authority. Dominant feedees are my thing.


Cursed sports equipment. Cash problems rn, so I have unfortunately spent the last few weeks “accidentally” mentioning the concept in posts by various WG artists on twitter.

Imagine this, you enter a gym to work out. You would prefer keeping the chub, but your job hinges on wearing a certain type of clothing.
So, you start with the treadmill, a slow jog at first to get used to the rythm. While listening to music or a podcast, you feel the exhaustion coming faster than normal when walking at this pace, but you attribute this to the equpment being built for working you out and keep going absentmindedly.

After 20 minutes, you take a quick break to check distance walked and take a drink. On the screen, you see several stats. Distance, pace, balance, fastfood stores, steps…

Fast food stores?

One of the stats is off somehow. You cannot quite bring yourself to recognize why though. It is at 20, which seems kinda low though. After your quick break (you recover stamina surprisingly quickly) you decide to use this stat to measure progress. A good solid 60 seems alright for this first session.

Next round, you decide to move it up to 40, to keep with the current trend. It seems though, as if the adjustable handrails have somehow reset, as you need to re-widen the walking area…

I think you can imagine the rest, I think I need to make something to eat now.


I tend to really enjoy hypnosis. There is a really good story on Dimensions Magazine about a woman using hypnosis on her best friend because she gets jealous and then causing her to blow up. This tends to be a fun category to me because it is subconscious, can have some fun transformation elements in it, and has that element of control.

My other favorite is just the general category of ex-athletes. I love the idea of an athlete fattening up, especially when you include them still continuing to try to compete, just getting slower and more out of shape. Eventually they break and just can’t do it anymore.


Honestly mental break/shift is hella hot for me. Also fit to fat is great, buti think that was a given.


Mine would be forced stuffing/gain, but the victim not being entirely against it. It could be very open yearning to get filled or fattened, a secret desire to become immobile that they were just too afraid to act on, a guilty pleasure, so long as they’re at least somewhat into it. Bonus points if the feeder is either somewhat reluctantly into it or very forceful about it, or if the situation’s self-inflicted.

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I’d gotta say, maybe a really pampered fella getting a little too comfy with easy living, that’s always cute.

But uh, another thing is that I’m really into boxing, hell, I was IN boxing in highschool. So, I’ve always had a thing for… “large” boxers. Like uh, like muscle gut kinda boxers. Being completely honest, I’ve never cared for sumo artwork amongst the weight gain community, and I know boxing is about speed and all… but god damn I get aroused by big boxers. (hence why I get upset that Hitmonchan has little to no fat art)

If you wanna see a fat boxer, here is king hippo and bear hugger from punch out:
image image

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Kicked this one around for a bit before coming up with my final answer without making it an absolute novel, and for me, it’s the Helpless Feedee.

It can take a number of different forms, like:

  • Mental break/shift

  • Simple gluttony and laziness

  • Over reliance on their metabolism, and now it’s crashing

  • Manipulation

And so on. Basically, the Feedee isn’t totally in control of herself. Maybe she doesn’t totally hate the weight gain, but neither is she totally in favour of it. Or, to take it another way, maybe she was initially on board with it, but now that she’s 300, 400, 500+ pounds, she’s really starting to worry this is getting way out of hand.

But she can’t stop herself. Maybe she has a Feeder in the wings pushing her on, or maybe she’s simply this greedy. Perhaps she’s merely ignorant, over-rewarding herself to celebrate a paltry amount of exercise, or maybe she’s the office food disposal and has failed to notice. Regardless, her efforts at diet and exercise are lackluster or outright laughable, and the pounds keep piling on.

The consequences of her lifestyle are catching up with her. She’s constantly outgrowing her clothes. She gets winded walking up the stairs. Now she gets winded walking down a hallway. She outgrows her office chair, then her new office chair, then her beefy recliner at home. Now a break is necessary after travelling only a scant few yards, and she can only manage a glacial pace. She’s let go from her job, whether because she’s too big for the company health plan, or merely too focused on eating and not on her work. Adding insult to injury, she’s now too fat to drive herself.

And she wants to lose weight, she really does, she swears. She knows she has a problem, but she just can’t stop herself. And so she keeps eating and gaining, totally, hopelessly, helplessly in thrall to her appetite.

I could keep going, but I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it.


I think my favorite is when it’s egged on by a confident slob. Whether it’s the feedees friend, lover, or a stranger I love it when a slob gets someone to indulge and let themselves go. Even as their relationship grows closer the slob still maintains dominance in the relationship, always managing to convince the feedee to keep indulging even when they hesistate thinking they might be going to far.

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My favorite is unwilling weight gain. Whether by force-feeding, magic, or science, I love it when a character rapidly piles on pounds that they explicitly don’t want.


Mutual gaining. I just love it when characters get fatter together - especially when it’s a dominant guy fattening someone else up and accidentally bringing himself along for the ride.


I like the “get fatter to get stronger” thing.

It actually gives the character a reason to get fat other than JUST horni.


Mainly certain ones found on TV Tropes like Big Beautiful Woman, Big Fun, and Balloon Belly. Not Gonk, though.

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