Shameless horndog post (fav wg trope)

I think about all these different ways of gaining I’ve read or played where it could be wg via magic, stuffing, trance-like gluttony, quarantine, mutual wg, manipulation… the list goes on.

My personal favorite is waking up the same person that fell asleep but now I’m in a universe where I’m twice my current weight (300lbs) or straight up immobile.

What’s your favorite way to fantasize weight gain?

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That’s all this hound is gonna say besides that its me giving the other the chance at this


I’m very fond of a slow corruptive force, something subtle, unseen

a tying of food and sex and the effects on ones body and slowly awakening to how much one enjoys glutting and growing deep down and how turned on it makes them feel. Stuffing until they’re close to cumming. bashfully playing with their growing body and enthusiastically monitoring their growth. stuff like that

I just love a gradual but escalating slip into hedonism, particularly if the subject really loves it and embraces it ~


I prefer when it’s slow and gradual, every day the character get fatter but continue her living.

Generally, I play an adventuress who dates a slim girl and contributes to make her plumper, or my character become gradually heavier until the point it getting hard to do her task of adventuress and finally choose a sedentary life and grow even more fatter because of that.

All of that can last several years, in real life.

Something I don’t enjoy, it’s when the character grows huge fast and the tomorrow she is slim again like nothing happened.


For me it’s a gluttonous, insatiable appetite over strict weight gain. A feedee who can take pride in and flaunts their ability to put food away and still have room for more afterwards is :100: in my books.


Absolutely something akin to gluttony = pleasure. I always love it when the characters feel a deep lust/passion for food. Deep enjoyment of eating and gaining is what I most like to see.

competitive and sumo

I’m with you on the power thing. I prefer my feedees to be in positions of power, be it successful predators or figures of authority. Dominant feedees are my thing.