She is Hungry

This game may contain some disturbing descriptions, discretion is advised.

Game made in one day. Is a Text adventure game.

Immerse yourself in the story of two lovers in the mountain.

Space Bar/Enter: Accept

Duration 10-15 minutes (all 4 endings)

Endgame guide in README file.

Use headphones for a better experience :slight_smile:

Music: Música gratis para videojuegos y vídeos de YouTube

She is Hungry

Post launch.
Hi everyone, if I ever make a sequel to SiH (I don’t promise anything) I’ll make sure it has more WG content and tone down the dark parts a bit. Thank you very much for the feedback.


Didn’t expect quite a dark turn


Try to make the game play to the player’s expectations by giving them good and bad endings.

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I think this makes for a pretty nice little horror game, however you didn’t really describe it as such so many may be shocked by the sudden shift in tone.

Additionally, I feel like the kink content wasn’t really relevant enough. The jarring horror takes much more of a spotlight, and the kink content is pretty sparce. A good, simple game overall but I would love to see a game from you with a bit more time and planning put into it, I think it could be pretty neat to see a more equal balance between kink stuff and horror in the future!

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Thanks for the feedback, if I ever make a sequel I’ll make it bigger and more wicked. But the bad thing is that it would no longer have the surprise factor.

Not sure how to say. Usually games have much more fetish content, whatever it is text or pictures. But here… Eh. Dark part surprised me a little, but nothing more.


so what I’m gathering from the replies is this is… secretly dark and/or horror? And the creator intentionally hid that? Not sure I like that. Even famous “surprise” games like DDLC had marked very clear that the game had dark tones without spoiling the game, in order to prevent actually risking harming someone emotionally. And even more so this should be the case when it’s presented as just some random fetish game. Some mfer out there is gonna be very confused by their emotions as they cry or scream with their schmeat in their hand stg.

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this game kind of feels like shock/gore for the sake of shock/gore with a tiny bit of fetish content attached on the side to justify having it on this site, considering the shock/gore is the main point I would say to at least incorporate a relevant fetish into said shock/gore?


Did a let’s play :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: You’re amazing dude

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