Shoot-Em-Up Style Weight-Gain/Inflation Game that has definitely never been done before, I swear

So I’ve had this idea rattling around in my head for a while, but I think I’m probably go forth with it; I’m only making this post for feedback and ideas for it.

The general “plot” of the game is purely that you play a mischievous witch(that you can choose the gender of) who really likes fat ladies. However, due to media around the world constantly peppering thoughts of “Get fit!” and “Slim is beautiful!” into women’s minds, you decide to do something about it, and (maybe irrationally) go on a fattening spree across the world.

Due to it being a shmup, general themes you can expect are “shooting” food items at ladies who are trying to stop you, fattening them up until they tucker out and give up, or simply can’t fight anymore. And if you happen to fatten an enemy partially but not all the way and stop hitting them, they’ll slowly lose the weight and return to normal shape. Additionally, you can completely ignore all enemies, including bosses, by waiting for them to simply fly away after a while. Along with this, enemies could also vary in style; some being normal humans, some being anthro, some being slime girls or something, etc.

General design ideas for enemies vary, such as the normal ideas of;
-Small enemies are harder to hit, but take less weight to surrender
-Bigger enemies are easier to target, but are harder to dodge and take more weight
-Particularly dangerous enemies can be hazardous with their projectiles, but could go down with minimal effort
Or more interesting concepts, like;
-Small enemies that don’t even attack you and are hard to hit, but take a TON of weight to surrender and generally just block your projectiles from hitting other, more dangerous enemies by getting fat
-Support enemies that speed up how quickly other enemies lose their gained weight, additionally lowering how much weight they do gain from your shots
-Shielding enemies that simply can’t be hit normally, but get distracted by other fattened enemies, which lowers their guard temporarily. Additionally, these enemies could be bested by particularly strong food items
-Enemies that seem weak and simple, but get more hazardous the fatter they get

“Bullets” could vary in how they work as well, offering up different playstyles, such as;
-Popcorn: Not very filling, but extremely fast
-T-Bone Steak: Slow in firing speed and velocity, but greatly fattens enemies in a radius
-Pure Lard: Extremely balanced except for a slow velocity, but goes through defenses
-Chocolate: Slow velocity but filling; most enemies will gravitate toward it due to it’s sweetness

Another big part of this game, and what is probably the most important detail; preferences! Since I know many people all around have different preferences, I’d make sure to list some as options that you can toggle on and off at any time, such as;
-Whether or not enemies are defeated because they are tired out/immobile, or because they give up due to enjoying their newfound weight
-Whether or not the game is weight-gain themed or inflation themed. This would naturally change the food items to something else
-Whether or not enemies pop shortly after defeated
-Change enemy projectiles to food items, which would fatten/inflate you and defeat you similarly to how enemies are defeated
-Might even make a secret option for when you beat the game that turns nudity on(you’d still have to fatten/inflate enemies out of their clothing)

I’d probably make this a kickstarter, to see if support from the community would actually be fully on board for a project like this. I definitely plan on making this a larger game, overall, so whether the finished product would cost money or not is up in the air for now. Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated, since that’s what this post is for, after all!


This sounds like a pretty cool idea! It reminds me of a game of a similar premise (which I can’t remember the name of) in which you play as a Ronald McDonald-like clown who goes around fattening people up with a gun that launches fast food… foods… after his fast food chain is shut down by a health-foods restaurant.

Either way, it sounds like a pretty cool idea, and it could certainly be a pretty cool game.

Cool beans! I’ll be sure to keep people posted then, for when I actually work on it and get stuff done with it.

Are you say “fast food rampage”?

Yeah! That one. I couldn’t think of the name.

Would you ever add males or will this be solely female wg/inflation game?

Not immediately, no, but since I do plan on making this such a large game that it’d have a kickstarter or something, I might make that a stretch goal.

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