Short 1-3 sentence weight gain scenarios that you think are fun:

I just wanna see what the community in general has floating around in their heads when not thinking about eating or cooking. Or, I guess, when they are thinking about specifically that, but kinky.

Here are some of mine, to lead by example:

  1. :pizza: Pizza-thot similar restaurant with nice waitresses to look at, who get a bit more personal. They get bonuses based on the difference between your weight entering and leaving the restaurant. Not all of them are in it for the money though.

  2. :cup_with_straw: Curse/virus/whatever preventing any weight loss. Also prevents weight gain and starving, but if you eat, the mass directly adds up to your chub, stuck forever. Only water and I mean ONLY water is “safe”.

  3. :doughnut: Schlaraffenland. Basically, the old fable about a large area made of and populated by magic, never spoiling food. Fried chicken fly straight into your mouth, rivers are due to be sued by willy wonka, all surrounded by a near-impenetrable wall of about 10m of cake. Strangely underused concept.

  4. :milk_glass: Fun action to weight. Basically, curse happened and now whenever you have an [fun expulsion of liquid], you gain a small bit of weight. Bonus points: Every full pound translates to 1% faster [fun expulsion of liquid], eventually getting too fast.


My favorite scenario is:

Stray catgirl gets rescued off the street, and her Master or Mistress overfeeds her and ends up turning her into a spoiled fat housecat~


I am good at this.

A queen who kingdom is growing in land and in riches so she starts to have huge meals each day as the months pass she grows bigger and bigger till she is as big as her castle.


Skinny, nearly-flat woman envies thicker girls, but has an unbelievable metabolism.
She stuffs herself totally crazy over and over again until her stomach capacity has stretched to the point of being able to empty an entire fridge by herself and still have some room left.
She starts to gain weight quite slowly, but at the very least, she gains, though she has to eat entire buffets by herself to get anywhere.


Ooh, I like. I posted some of these game concepts on Discord already, but I’ll post 'em again:

  1. Kaiju date-sim! Help your kaiju girlfriend bulk up to take on ever more powerful monsters threatening the city. Use your cannon to assist your waifu in battle and launch gifts her!

  2. After an unfortunate slimming incident, a circus fat lady needs to fatten back up in time for her performance tonight. The show can only end once the fat lady’s sung after all!

  3. In deep space, a ship freighter AI (you) attempts to bond with the sole human crewmember on board whilst ensuring her survival on a long-distance delivery job. Can romance blossom between woman and machine in the lonely reaches of space?


I know this is an older thread but I just had an idea.

Character inherits an old home, finds a ring in the attic, puts it on, but excess weight centers on her ring finger, she can’t take it off. Point of the game is to attempt to find a way to break the curse or not. There would be several different endings based on your weight if you find the way to break the curse, there would also be several different items that would change monologue options, clothes that are cursed to make you more body heavy, plus a final chance to find a way to break the curse by choosing an item which would be a mobile scooter, it gives you more time to find the way to break the curse, but gives you a separate ending where the scooter collapses under your weight. I know it’s oddly specific but its taken several weeks of contemplation for this idea, if you feel like making a game like this, kudos to you, I’m too lazy to create a complex game. Just message me, I’ll give you all of my ideas and script. Don’t care if you credit me or not.

I love the idea, but I think a seperate “idea” thread would be better for it. If you have scripts and all, you already did a bunch of work. There are several people who know twine and quest who are without script, I think at least.

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Almost finished with it, wasn’t planning on asking yet, but I mean, I just did it on a whim.

I prefer slow weight gain in my roleplays. I play often adventuress and I make them slowly but surely grow plumper and fatter, becoming less and less active and finally ending by totally abandon her career of adventuress for something more relax.

It’s very basic but the panel of reactions and relationship from other players is something that fuel my fun.


Groundhog day on a day where you are supposed to enter an eating contest.
Weight is carried over each loop.
To train, you put on headphones and listened to weight gain encouragement hypnosis during the night before, the effects of which ALSO carry over, slightly increasing your hunger each day.

preppy girl gets involved with a sorority house. The lifestyle is incredibly fattening. Goes from preppy girl to chunky nerdy girl.


I like the mutual weight gain stuff, or basically two people gaining together wether one gains more/faster and/or the other gains less/slower. But it’s something that always interested me, and maybe where one person feeds the other and the feeder gets caught up in it. Anyway I’d actually like to see this more or if there’s any games made about it, but it’s just a suggestion

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You are lose in a deep dark woods for days when food like monster attack and you eat them and find out that there is a witch making them so you go on a quest to find all her monster and eat them ad then stop the evil witch.

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A recent concept I had came across that I thought was quite clever:

Two roommates - one overweight, one thin - agree to swap lifestyles to get the heavier one down to a goal weight (the skinnier one confident that she won’t gain too much)… Weeks later, the formerly heavy one has shaped up considerably but hasn’t hit her goal weight due to the muscle mass she has acquired (somewhat deliberately), meanwhile her formerly skinny friend has begun to plump up. With the goal weight not reached, the experiment continues… :3

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Just landed a job out of college, but it’s considerably more sedentary than you’re used to. With the metabolism of your youth fading away coupled with more and more snacks at your disposal, it’s a slow descent into gluttony from your formerly trim and controlled self. Bonus points if they try to fight the gain and fail


This post.
Basically, magic that when you learn the basics, produces barely edible food, but when mastered has the potential to create incredibly calory rich and VERY addictive food. The better you get, the more you need to hold back from consuming too much.

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Couple able to use some kind of magic to inflate or weight gain the time they want…

I think is mostly what comes to my mind, since i don’t like too much the idea of “Realistic” weight gain that stays there, i like more a “Get big-get normal-repeat when you feel like”

After a slim, attractive girl graduates high school, she heads to college. The college provides unlimited free food and the girl takes advantage of it. She starts to pack on weight and people around her notice get concerned, however she doesn’t care and her weight ends up doubling.

Story titled “freshman 150”

Honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if someone made this story already because of just how good of an idea it is

The common vore scenario: its a party, hungry girls start eating people, but somehow there keep being more people to eat. Turns out, the house is haunted or reality glitched and now there will ALWAYS be people in there and every 2 hours at least one of them will be in a belly.

Replace people with party food if you are not there yet in terms of fetish evo/devolution. Just add ghost hands whenever the eaters cannot move anymore.

Government mandated minimum body weight.