(short interactive story + bot) scp 999

Hi everyone! I recently started studying the Twine platform and created a short interactive story related to the STP (I’ve been a fan of the STP for a very long time, but I forgot a lot, so I’m sorry that there may be a discrepancy

SCP-999.zip (138.8 KB)
SCP-999 rus.zip|attachment (142.3 KB)

What’s the story about? Heh, it’s short… It’s about a scientist (you) who notices the tickle monster is missing and finds him angry and a feeding scientist who looks like a fat bomb

Hi! I tried this short story, but it is written very poorly, especially in the beginning. I recommend using Grammarly to find all possible errors in the text. Also, русская версия тоже написана ужасно :frowning:

Thanks bro, I’m just still learning how to do it… Thanks for the feedback