Short RPG 3 Pack - DLsite Translation Request

I found a weight gain game on DLsite but my past attempts at machine translating Japanese RPGs have failed miserably. Can anyone help with this?

Update: As it turns out, I’m a moron who wasn’t using Translator++ properly. I didn’t realize that you had to export the project in order to apply the translation. I managed to get a reasonable translation of the game working.

Unfortunately, the game prominently features the kind of inflation that involves popping, which I’m personally not into. The game’s DLsite page briefly mentions it, but I didn’t expect it to be present to an unavoidable degree.

I’ll leave the link up in case anyone else is interested, but I can at least confirm that there’s no issue with using Translator++.


Are you using Translator ++? if you have the raw files from the game i could take a look at it for you.

Have you tried MTOOL? For games made by RPGMaker you can translate and modify data in real time.
AdventCirno | Creating MTool | Useful tools for Doujin Game Players | Patreon
Using only Google Translate is free.

Does anyone know how to get product from dlsite for free?

You don’t it’s a paid product. Getting it for free would mean pirating it.


You use the power of the internet

Best remove that link and share privately if at all.

As far as using translator++, it doesn’t appear to grab most of the text to be translated. You may get conversations translated 1/10 of the time.

So, I tried making a post on F95Zone asking for someone to translate the game. Unfortunately, that’s been a bust so far. One or two people commented “+1” to bump it, but it looks like no one there is interested.