Short Visual Novel with Monster Girls and stuff

As my last shitty game on Quest was made more than a year ago, and because my country is in lockdown right now, I now bring you


As the title says, now that I downloaded Ren’py I will try to make a short visual novel. I have some idea of where will it go and what will it have, will definitely include:

  • Stuffing
  • Feeding (Normal and maybe forced?)
  • Weight gain in different amounts

Right now, I just have two characters:

A shy demongirl:

And an outgoing cowgirl/holstaur/whatever-its-called

Very probably will add a catgirl or something like that.

So that’s it. I will update as I make some progress on this.


:+1:good job, hope to play this when it comes out.

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Hope to see this get finished, looks good already!

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I like the art style and can’t wait to see it

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Cute gals! Good luck with the project.

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Good luck with the project! Looks and sounds great already

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update time!

So, the story is going good. Also I’m now remaking a lot of art because it wasn’t looking so good back then.

Here’s the first remake

I still can’t do shadows but whatever.


Aw, she’s cute! Cows are adorable.

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I actually thought the two previews you had were pretty well designed, but this ain’t too bad either. Keep up the good progress!

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Another update!

Finished remaking the demon, also designed the last character. Here is the full gang!

From left to right:

  • Rose the cowgirl/holstaur/what-are-they-even-called
  • Uri the demon
  • and Penny the catgirl

Features planned:

  • About 6 endings
  • About 3 stages of gain for each of the girls
  • Some secret endings if I figure out some coding in time
  • More than one route - multiple perspectives to the story

That’s about all I have right now. I don’t think I’ll update in a while, I was just laying a plan and it’s more work than I expected.


super nice art style!! all of the girls are super cute, and i can’t wait to see progress on this and eventually play and learn about these girls (and also see them get fatter)!!

though real quick, i have one kink-related question and one game-design question. first, will there be any burps from any of the girls? if you don’t wanna add any, you don’t have to, it’s your project, but i’m just asking because i always love when burps are included, lol. but second, how linear are you planning on making the story? like how many choices will the player make, and how much of an impact will the choices make? will there be multiple endings wherein the girls like you more, like you less, are fatter or skinner, etc etc.

either way, looking forward to the end product!! good luck, take your time, but don’t give up!! you got this!! :smile:

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Yeah, there are very probably gonna be burps.

Short answer: No linear at all.
Long answer: At the beginning, you will choose one of the girls to play as, so there are three basic routes. Each one has more than one ending, and the choices you make change who gets fatter.


quick update: college sucks, this is not dead but is definitely low priority right now. I’d love to come back to it but i don’t have much time to.


We Will eagerly await the news as it comes

Looks good can’t wait to see more.