Should Probably Introduce Myself...

Hello, Weight Gaming! Ever since I’ve found and joined this website, I’ve enjoyed the variety of games which seemed to be so difficult to find.

Namely, the variety with shapely characters who love to eat. I didn’t realize that so much talent and effort could go into these games, which only made me love them even more.

And then there’s this site in particular, which compiles all of these games into one place!

In short, I’m not much of a talker, but I’d like to show my appreciation to this community with this post. Thank you for the hours of fun, and for many more in the future. : D


Welcome to weightgaming.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Welcome to our site and I am sure you made many devs happy with that post. Hope you enjoy it here!

I certainly will! owo)d

Thank you! I’m glad you think so :smiley:

What kind of food do you most like?