Shows you grew up with

Hey hey hey! I was sitting here, thinking about the joys of being the ages of 7-10, and then I thought: hey man, what where some good tv shows I watched? I figured I would talk about them here!

  1. Fat Albert
    When my parents where kids, they had watched fat albert and the cosby kids a lot, and when I was 7, My dad showed it to me, and man, I watched the shit out of that show. I especially love the opening, even now, when fat albert would go: “Hey hey hey!, it’s FAT ALBERT!” Also, my favorite scene from this show, was when albert was trying to get with some girl, so he left her some chocolate covered almonds, without letting her know it was from him. Well, later on, she goes “someone left me these chocolate covered peanuts”, then big daddy albert here goes “Those aren’t peanuts, there almonds!” and then the look of instant regret goes on his face.

  2. Arthur
    My bois, I remember way back when I was a little kid, my dad would call me and my sister down, and say “kids! Arthur is on!” And we’d run on down all friggin excited, basically pissing ourselves. Ok, so that might have been a stretch, but the point is Arthur was damn dope, and a few days ago, I went on amazon to see how the show is going now, and good lord, they fucked it all up. I get it, the show is meant for kids, but I don’t know any kid who would want to watch the new ones. Even as an adult, I still think the old hand drawn style was really good, but now it’s just pitiful.

  3. Kirby right back at ya
    Now, this is a lesser known show, and I only ever found out about it on accident, it just kinda popped up somehow, but the point is, this show is the shit, and damn man, that theme song! I always loved the slapstick comedy, the weird phrases, like one time, escargot, kind DDD’s assistant, called him a couch potato, but he said it like: “You’re a couch potato, you sit on the couch all day and you’re full of potata’s!” he was full of potato’s, cause uh, this episode, he ate a lot of potato chips. lol

Anywho, I want to know what shows you grew up with, and, if you want to, why? Also, have a swell day! ;D

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Ed, Edd n’ Eddy
Godzilla the animated series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Powerpuff Girls
Justice League & Unlimited
Batman & Batman Beyond
Grim & Evil

Those are just the few I can name off the top of my head…


I grew up with Pokemon, Tom and Jerry, Drake and Josh, Scobie-doo, Wizards Of Waverly Place, I Carly and The Amanda Show.

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Eh, basically all the shows that were on CN and Nickelodeon in the 90s, plus all the shows they liked to play from earlier, like reruns of earlier Scooby Doo episodes and such.
I also watched most of the Disney shows where they turned their movies into shows, namely the Aladdin one.

I mean, it’s not like we had a choice back then, we watched whatever was on TV, no matter what it was.

Spongebob, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, The Pink Panther Show.

Those are the ones i remember watching the most, but generally nickelodeon, cartoon network and later on disney XD gave me a lot of memories

Wow, still remember Courage the Cowardly Dog, KND, the original Ben 10 (and the sequel series), Avatar the last Airbender (and Korra as well) and Danny Phantom. There is a ton more, but I see some of them already mentioned.

Edit: Oh forgot Samurai Jack (thank god it went on AS), and Cowboy Bebop (not exactly a kids show but awesome for the time).


The Batman
and what you have watched minus Fat Albert.

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The shows I grew up with were mostly on Nickelodeon since my family at the time of my childhood couldn’t afford to add Cartoon Network before it was made more public and widespread. I remember being a dedicated fan of Rugrats when I first watched it (Nick Jr. didn’t exist at that point until a few years later) all the way until it stopped airing in both its normal form and its spin-off form known as All Grown Up. Since then, and I know Kids Choice Awards fans will be mad when I mention this since it won most of the KCAs where it was nominated as Favorite Cartoon, SpongeBob was my go-to cartoon, up until my late teenage years when a recent episode at the time made me change my mind regarding the yellow sponge. Afterwards, up until late 2018, I only watched the older reruns until one day in November, I think, a promotion on Nickelodeon’s sister channel NickToons regarding the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series (both the 2012 show and the Rise of The spin-off) they acquired six years prior made me snap and decide to quit cable television cold turkey. Since November 2018, I’ve never watched any more older reruns of SpongeBob on television at all, though I do sometimes get a glimpse at recent Nick Jr. shows that my cousin’s grandsons watch like Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines, though the only way to watch the older reruns for me nowadays is to either subscribe to some kind of streaming service or watching them on some kind of website that hates ad-blocking addons for browsers and only stops displaying ads for paid accounts.

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