Side and frontal body view

My suggestions here only concern the body icon.
My first suggestion would be having a 3D model which the player could rotate to have a better view of his character’s body, and if that’s too difficult, maybe just add a frontal view next to the side one? I was also thinking of having the clothes worn displayed there, but that could be optional. And finally, instead of only having the body displayed on the left, maybe make it pop out on the screen when zooming in?

That was all for the moment, thanks in advance for future replies :slight_smile:

Wow, huge apologies for how late this reply is. I really haven’t check this in sometime. I guess late is better than never?

As to your request:

I can’t do a 3D model unfortunately; I simply don’t have the coding prowess to do so, nor does my program have the resources to support that. I would have started with a 3D model otherwise. It’s completely different than what I’ve made here as this is a huge pile of 2d animations strung together, something that can’t be importing into a 3D model. It’d have to be done from scratch and I won’t have the time for it right now, and likely my platform won’t be able to support it.

A front view however is certainly planned, I’m just waiting until I have completed the majority of assets that will be necessary for the side view before I work on a front view, as they need to match and any changes made to the original will need to added to the front view. If done early the process will become to tedious to upkeep. Once I get all the scaling formulas, drawn assets and everything else in a way where I know they’ll be the most flexible with little need for change, I’ll begin working on the front view.

As to the model screen popping out, that may be something I can do. I’ll look into it. I just need to make sure it works with the screen and doesn’t obstruct any text.

Yeah, late is better than never :wink:

I’m not sure why I thought a 3D view would be easy to do but I fully understand your point here.

Concerning the model screen popping out I see it as a quick occasional glance, rather than something you would do while playing (and hence surely obstructing some text).

But, oh man do I wish I could do 3D :frowning:


So, anyways, you mean for it to be kind of like a tooltip pop-out, something that fades off after you remove your mouse from it. Kind of like the tooltips already present in the game?

Well, seeing 3D in an amateur fetish game would be quite amazing, even though the current version is already extremly good. I think the text compensates largely 8)

Yee-eah, quite close. Currently we have the body icon displayed on the left, we can enlarge it a bit with a single click, my idea would be a double click which would lead to that icon popping out in the middle of the screen, and you could remove the displayed image by simply clicking on it. Would work better than what you suggested in my opinion.

I honestly do not think a frontal view would be worth the effort. Wouldn’t add anything to the experience we aren’t already getting.

Maybe someday someone will make like an Armok Vision for Tainted Elysium. A 3d save file viewer or something.

Well, with the girl I just posted you can’t tell how her arms, hips, waist and other bodyparts look as we’re limited to a sideview. Hopefully there’s a large and complete body description. Such a text does deserve (for me) a front view, which would add some more graphic content for the player to enjoy.

Maybe I could make a poll in a new thread?

Sure, it’d be nice, but frontal view is not a major priority; certainly not worth derailing development timelines given the current state of affairs. Game devving means making tough decisions sometimes about how much feature bloat to allow and IMHO that’s already an issue.

I won’t be pushing Atticus to add another adaptive 2D display, aligning it with various limb metrics, positioning it within the crowded UI (etc) any time soon.

If a frontal body view is planned, should it include arms?

Personally, I’d like to see something like this. I’m a huge fan of fat in places aside from the belly, butt, and boobs.

When I get to making a frontal view (however far off that probably is), it’ll certainly include arms.
I absolutely love fat arms

If anything, option arm addition could be thrown onto the side view, I didn’t add them though because it’d obstruct the curves of the back and other details.

But as Cheddar and PeachClamNine said it honestly would be a bit of an unnecessary diversion of resources at this time. After we get into a more openly productive period I’ll consider starting on it.

Using a differently-coloured line for overlapping body parts - if not particularly hard to code, might be a decent mid-term improvement. Or an on-off toggle on arm display. Either way though, I’m keener on seeing the completion of background game mechanics, which will hopefully pave the way for content and gasp gameplay

one day… :stuck_out_tongue: