Sims 4 Gaining Aspiration

I know I have been dead for like the past year or so, but I am finally back to release the early alpha version of the new mod I have been working on. This mod adds a whole new aspiration category centered around gaining to the game, so for there is only one aspiration track included but I plan to add more in the future. The aspiration track is fairly straight forward and the end goal is to reach a weight stat of 100, with multiple progress rewards along the way. Once a sim has reached the max weight and has completed the aspiration they are given a reward trait which gives them a happy mood buff for gaining all that weight and it also enables them to talk to other sims about their weight gain. There is an interaction currently that says “convince to gain weight”, as it is right now it is functionless despite my best efforts.

Have fun with this mod, and please remember it is not yet finished!
Gaining (18.3 KB)


Cant wait to use it!

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Can’t wait to see the aspiration category, sounds like it’s gonna be great. :+1:

Are you planning on splitting every aspiration in four levels, like the base game aspirations? Aspiration could demand on every level to eat X servings (maybe of a specific dish?) in a row or sth else connected with eating…

Yeah, it’d be interesting to see some aspirations that have multiple goals per stage. I was thinking of something like the ones for “Long Lived” or “Beloved.” As well as a variety of traits in that category that do different things.