Sims 4 Growth Mod Concepts

Thought I’d get these out there incase anyone knows how to do these things and can either instruct me or do it themselves or if they have ideas that I can add onto this.

if you see something here and want to make it yourself, feel free because a lot of these are beyond my skill level also variety is a good thing

Weight Gain Curse
now very obvious, a sim will forever gain a buff that slowly makes them fatter. however I have two major problems with this.

  1. It is a very easy thing to add however it is sort of boring since it’s just select a sims you want to be max weight forever, whereas if it was one of the ROM curses you could tie it to gameplay however a lot of people won’t be able to use it because not everyone wants to give EA their money.

  2. I’ve never seen a functional custom ROM curse so idk if it’s even possible

Growth Fruits/Vegetables
Plantable fruits and/or vegetables that when eaten cause weight gain or muscle growth depending on the plant.

Growth Crystals
crystals that cause weight gain and/or muscle growth when placed, in a sims inventory, or used with the crystal helmet thing from Get Famous. the problem with this one comes more with how I want it to work, I can’t decide which of the 3 possible scenarios I like more

Swell Sauna
really basic, the sauna from spa day gets either a new interaction or I add a clone of one of the saunas that only has the fat interaction. the issue with this one is due to my chronic lack of knowledge when it come to how you’re actually supposed to mod this game, because I tried for 6 straight hours one day and watched like 5 tutorials, couldn’t get it to work the interactions just cancelled themselves when the left the queue.

Sell/buy Fitness and Fatness
To make growing profitable you can sell your muscles of your flab for money or buy some for yourself or as a gift to your friend (you can even surprise them with this gift if you know what I mean). again I do not know how to do this but I want it to work like TransTech from Curse of Something (NSFW) but I want fat to be treated the same as muscle instead of fat costing money to get rid of