Sims 4 Lipomancer Trait

Another new mod again!!!

Sims with the lipomancer trait can use special mischief interactions to change the weight of others and make them hypnotically hungry, and do the same to themselves in the entertainment section of their phone

Thank you to Kygen who allowed me to use his Belly Chart 2.0 for several icons in the mod
His Twitter:
original art: Choose Your Belly 2.0 by Kygen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net &


Judging by the name, I bet you that it’ll require one of those magic-based packs for TS4, right?

It doesn’t require any other mods or DLC


Are the effects permanent or do they decay over time? Have just added the trait to a Sim. So far she has only made her house mate hungry, which seems to work. Should she use the trait once for ever, or use it regularly?

Thanks - looks like fun!

the effects of the weight changes are permanent (as in they can still lose weight but they’ll need to exercise) but the hunger only lasts a few hours

I didn’t even get the chance to try this out before the update of the entire interactions system broke it. (At least that’s what it looks like, unless I’m just not finding it.) :frowning:

Think the mod may be broken, I can see the Lipomancer trait on the trait list but when I try to select it for a sim the game doesn’t register it and keeps the old traits the sim originally had. The trait option is still there but looks like the script functions are busted, maybe. Could also be a mod conflict but I can’t think of what would cause it.

It is. I can select the trait but no interaction shows up in game.