Sims 4 Lower Body Presets made by me

Hello, I have made recently this three body morphs for the Sims 4.

There are 3 Versions.

LegsQueen: Very big hips and legs

LegsQueenSuperSized: Even Bigger hips an legs (Note: I am not that good at modeling in blender, also from here the shapes may look out of this world)

LegsQueenMegaVersion: Biggest verison with super big hips and legs (Out of this world shape)


  1. Select one version ( You can use all of them at a time)

  2. Go to : C:\Users\ “Your Name” \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

  3. Drop the package at the mods folder

  4. With that you are done and you can test it out. The version you selected should appear in the bodies tab in the CAS. If it doesn’t it is probably you did something wrong

Notes: For some reason if you use the Mega Version they hands will glitch out, this is probably caused because of the super big size of the hips. I don’t know how to fix this, if you want to use this version is up to you.


Any preview images?



Thanks for letting me know.

Not to be an asshole but does anyone else get reminded of those balloon animals with the tied up joints on the legs?


this looks so silly lmao