Sims 4 Mod - Cursed Bath

Hey all,

My second mod is finished! Here is a link to the Cursed Bath!

Basically I modified the interactions to allow adult Sims (and mermaids) to “Take Strange Bath,” which increases their weight by about 10 points over the course of an hour or so in the tub. All other interactions with the tub (except repair/upgrades/etc.) have been disabled.

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions or ideas for new similar mods (particularly other existing objects to modify) let me know down below as well.

Download Link: FatBath v. 1.0


This sounds awesome.

Can someone post gifs or vids of it working for those without sims 4?

Thank you for the Fat Bath! I think it works quite well - my Sim girls seem to be gaining steadily. I have added the fat trait to several sites, including restaurants, movie theater, bowling alley etc that they visit regularly, and to their house (where the bath and the reverse treadmill are located), so not sure quite which is the most significant, but overall it is working nicely!

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