Sims 4 Mod I Found

The original link to the mod is now broken, so this is a reupload.
Mod just allows for bigger breasts, butt, and hips without looking wonky. It also allows for smaller breasts, butt, and hips (but y’all probably don’t want that LOL). One thing to note is that this is ONLY for females. Another quirky thing I noticed is that the “posture” of the sim changes the breasts a bit.
Would give credit to original modder, but no idea who they were.
First time uploading a file like this, please comment if it doesn’t work.


EDIT: I now realize how sus the link looks as I am a new user, so I will include pictures to prove that the mod works & isn’t a virus, apologies for any stress.

With Mod (Full Breast, Butt, and Hips)

Could you attach an image so I know what I’m downloading

ditto, random download links for a “mod” is not a good idea some images for it would go a long way

Took the fall and luckily it’s fine. Scanned it with multiple anti viruses and nothing was flagged.

Joys of a VM so hey/

holy shit im so rude im so sorry.
ill include photos shortly.
i just noticed how sus the link looks without any photos or evidence that its not a virus

Thanks for telling me, I just included an image to prove this mod is legit. Sorry for any confusion, I should’ve definitely included a photo.

Just added a photo, thanks for feedback