Sims 4 Mod - ThatGuy's Traits

Ever wanted to change how your sims gain and feel about gaining fat and/or muscle? With ThatGuy’s traits you (sort of) can.

Available Traits

  • No Metabolism: sim essentially can’t lose fatness
  • (WIP) Body Builder, Muscle-Gainer, Gainer: The three current gainer types. can be added in CAS or through the shopping section of the phone. I highly recommend only using one per sim as they will conflict.

Lot Traits/challenges

  • Fattening (challenge): Causes all sims on the lot to gain weight over time. comes with multiple speeds from slow almost unnoticeable gains to near instant morbid obesity.
  • Muscle Growth (challenge): Same as fattening but with muscle instead of fat
  • Calorie Multiplier: Doubles weight gain on the lot
  • Strength Multiplier: Doubles muscle gain on the lot

Before you update please remove “Thatguy_Traits” “Thatguy_growthlottraits” and/or “Thatguy_Traitpack” from your mods folder as this is a remake of those mods and I doubt anyone wants their lot trait menu twice as bloated. The current version is the same as the most recent version I posted on the sims 4 weight gain discord, so don’t worry about updating if you’ve already gotten it from there.

Version 0.2 4/20/24


Oh no… am I going to reinstall sims 4… again???


Utilizing the Lot Traits and Challenges is actually ingenious, great work! :+1: