Sims 4 Ultra Fattening Food

Hi, you may know me as the guy who still hasn’t finished that text adventure and remade someone else’s mod. well now I’m doing something original and there’s actual content tied to it.

The Ultra Fattening Food pack currently only has one Ultra Fattening food, the Billion Calorie Burger. a hamburger that is 1 billion calories (i actually set it to a billion calories). it is capapble of bringing a sim from fat -100 to fat +100.

How To install

  1. unzip folder
  2. take out ts4script file and put it in your mods folder
  3. take out the folders with the same name as the food(s) you want and put them in your mods folder
  4. make some sims phat

if the foods aren’t showing up when you click ‘cook’ on the fridge remove the ts4script file from your mods folder. if that doesn’t work comment on this post or ping me on discord

Known issues

  • the Billion Calorie Burger requires a grill to be cooked but the option to cook it only shows up on the fridge (you can still cook it if you click on it in the cook menu)
  • some of the recipes might just not work if you have cottage living installed (idk why)
  • none of the recipes are available in restaurants (i have no clue how to fix this)