Sims Weight Gain Community Discord!

Hello, so most of you probably know me from the Sims 4 mods I have made and published to this site in the past, and don’t worry because I am not done making them, just on sort of a prolonged break. Sadly, my discord account was recently deleted randomly, which meant I lost access to my original mod server, but this gave me an idea to build something new up out of the ashes. So I now present to you, the Sims Weight Gain Community, we are going to be the first ever discord server dedicated to sims weight gain, we have chats, help with modding, mod sharing, comic and image sharing, everything a server like this could need. The server is in it’s early stages, and is subject to updates, so just be patient while we iron out any issues, thanks!

Server Link: The Sims Weight Gain Community