Site Lurker Revealed

Hello everyone. Wanted to finally introduce myself to all those who have made themselves known to me for a long time. I’ve watched from afar since the final few months when AtticusArc’s “Tainted Elysium” was still able to be downloaded from his website. Feels like I definitely should have said something in all that time, but hindsight is what it always has been. I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of you who have put in your work for the enjoyment of others. I’d also like to apologize for only ever acknowledging it with a view as my thanks over the years, rather than actually saying so. I’ll try to further break the habit by participating in the conversations that can be found around the forum. Thanks again! Looking forward to speaking with you all.

P.S. Mustard is the best condiment. Hot Sauce is a close second.


Any particular hot sauce you like?

So far, the hotter the better. I currently have “The Final Answer” right next to me. 1.5 mil scoville, but the taste really isnt all that great. Ones that I do like though are Mad Dog .357 and Dave’s Insanity. Not as hot, but the flavor makes up for it.

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