Site to upload Weight gain animations?

So…heya ^^/
To get to the topic at hand, Ive been working on making a couple of small 3d weight gain animations in another threadt on here recently but Ive run into a bit of a problem…
Since I cant upload video files directly to weight gaming Ive been uploading these animations to a site called streamable…which worked fine for a time.
However, they evaluated those animations as pornographic, which lead to me being banned. Now, I can upload stuff anonymously still, but those videos just get deleted after a short time.
So, getting to the actual question: Does anyone know a site that I could upload these animations to, to then link to that other thread?
Thanks in advance for any replies, have a nice day ^^

Google Drive?
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Id rather not use my own personal google account(same reason I dont feel like using youtube)…I could probably make a second one, so I guess its an option :sweat_smile:

Speaking of which, people used to use pornhub for this sort of thing, then they did some massive clearout of “non verified videos” and it all went kaput. What a waste.

  1. Twitter if you don’t mind people having poor/inconvenient access to your older content.
  2. Deviantart if you don’t mind spending a couple bucks a month for MP4 upload privileges.
  3. MEGA has MP4 streaming support, but if it’s your only source, you’ll hit the transfer limit quickly.
  4. Pornhub, if you don’t mind submitting an actual picture of your IRL face to PH staff to get verified.
  5. Most Booru sites support WEBM videos, some support MP4. Most have a trust system that prevents people from submitting much when they’re new, though.
  6. Newgrounds, though they have a bit of a “quality” filter on submissions; if it’s bad enough, it’ll get rejected.

SketchFab does that too.