Size preferences

Hey all, I have a question of curiosity for those willing to answer.

What would you consider your preferred size of fat? What would you consider your upper limit on how fat someone, or something is before it crosses the line from “fetish material” to “too big”? Feel free to answer with as much or as little detail as possible.

I myself have no real preference, as long as they’re moderately chubby. Though, being a feeder, I also strive to make the small large, in the best way possible. As for limits, I have none! After all, in this world of creativity, the only limits are the one you set for yourself. Never quite understood why people put an arbitrary cap on the sizes of fatties, but that’s just me. I’m curious what you all have to say.

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It depends really IRL when it really starts effecting the girls health

Fantasy no upper limit


Health is super important. But i think a pretty hard limit would be the point where they have serious trouble getting around or maintaining their health/hygiene themselves. I’m more than happy to help out, but i wouldn’t ever want them to get to the situation where they can’t reliably do it themselves. Also it’s important that my partner is happy with their weight.

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Probably a rare/unpopular opinion but I’m not really that much into the huge sizes, I like a moderately chubby girl with the fat accumulating primarily in the midsection and lower body. Nut a huge fan of folds or girls big to the point of reduced mobility, poor health and lowered hygiene. I also don’t think my tastes are really that unique outside of our fetish-sphere its probably really close to whats popularly considered as “thicc”.

The core of the fetish for me is the progression, the psychological effects, the inability of the girl to fit into her former wardrobe comfortably, things like that. But most importantly the aftereffects of stuffing, I love the taut bulging/bloated look.

IRL my dream would probably be a slim-average woman with a fluctuating size who loves to eat.


My opinion is very similar to @avakann. In terms fantasy, there is no upper limit, and usually my tastes at that point launch right into the extreme.

In reality, I don’t really have a hard set weight in pounds or kilos, because different people gain in different ways. One person could comfortably be 342 pounds and reasonably mobile and capable, while another person could be 250 and feeling every ounce of the weight. Different sizes come into play as well; someone whose 5’11" would be able to get larger without major issues (generally) then someone whose barely 5’2". My partner’s health and happiness is the key concern, and if she wants to get bigger, smaller or stabilize, the choice is entirely hers.

I do have quite a soft spot for lots of soft, jiggly rolls, and my general feeling is “the bigger, the better.” Minor mobility issues (slower general movement, tired over short distances) don’t bother me, and are more often sources of enjoyment. Outgrowing things (clothing, doors, cars), again, is a major “YES.”

That said, there is a lot of problems with getting too fat. Outside of the obvious medical and hygienic reasons that have been stated before, there’s a lot that you simply can’t do once your partner crosses that threshold. Walking along the beach, going dancing, shopping dates, going to the movies, little things that seem so small but you feel quite a bit once you can’t do them.

I would never want to try and recreate the extreme weights in fantasy into reality, and I suppose I do prefer to keep some element of the fantastical in my feedee fantasies. If there’s not that bit of distance, I find it can very quickly turn from a case of “Oh Yeah!” to “Oh… yeah…”


I also agree with the “bigger is better” mindset, both in fantasy and IRL, but with a few caveats. Obviously, the medical complications that come with obesity are a turn-off for me, so I generally prefer the realm of fantasy where those issues don’t exist. Overall, it’s the thought of someone gaining that I enjoy most. I can still get off to someone who already is fat, but for me, nothing beats the thought of making someone bigger than they are, especially if they start out thin.

As for the topic of immobility, I’m really into it. I like imagining a character gradually losing the ability to move freely as they accumulate more fat. It makes characters feel more tangible when they find themselves needing to cope with unfamiliar circumstances. What do they do about clothes? How do they get through doorways? What do they and those around them do once complete immobility is reached? All of these questions can be addressed in fun, creative ways that, in my opinion, tickle my fetish even more.

Now, regarding the realm of fantasy, there is a point at which I feel that there’s no benefit to making a character fatter. When said character is fattened up to, say, the size of a building or more, then I don’t find it quite as hot anymore. For one thing, further gain at that point doesn’t change the character’s physique or body shape; it’s just making a blob into a bigger blob. Second, that kind of scale is just too hard to imagine. It’s kind of like a story in which the fate of the entire world is at stake; when the scale is too big to properly internalize, it’s easy to lose your sense of investment.


In fantasy I have fairly realistic preferences and even welcome the health and life issues that would be caused by the size of an 800lbs+ feedee.

Reality is a bit stickier than that because after all one has to find something that their feedee is comfortable and happy with. Even if I could find a girl interested in immobility and even more extreme fantasies the money and time required to keep them happy and comfortable is fairly extreme.

My fantasy and realistic ideals for a person are aligned. [I say “person” because I do not necessarily want to be their friend or relationship partner–I just want to shadow them from toddler to young adult, invisibly. It relieves me of all of the responsibilities (and almost all of the guilt) others have mentioned.] I cannot place a specific weight goal on the boy, because I want to watch them continuously gain, completely under their own (lack of) willpower. From a technical standpoint (BMI), he should start as a slightly overweight toddler, reach obesity early into elementary school, and enter morbidly obese territory towards the end of elementary school. There are some size criteria, however.

  • Immobility (by which I mean complete ambulatory inability) is too far. My biggest attraction is to the mobility struggle, so once one becomes immobile, the battle has officially been lost. The objective is to gradually reach the cusp just before immobility. This means bedside “showers”–using a sprinkling hose setting while standing or sitting on stool in a kiddie pool. Unaided walks of only a few steps at a time are another prevalent feature of this stage. The only level of dependency on others should be for the acquiring and delivery of goods (e.g. food/drink, clean clothing/towel/bed linens, income, etc.).

  • Shape preference is important, because it involves the size of various body parts. My preference is consistently proportional, with a slight lean towards apple (moobs, lovehandles, and belly), if anything. [Plus, average height–not that it matters too much, though.] Logic: I want to maximize jiggles and heaving during exertion.

Now the rest of my criteria are not really relevant to your “size” question. Nevertheless, I feel like my description is incomplete without them.

  • I desire minimal active muscle development. This means that outside of a school’s mandatory physical education classes (excellent writing material), no formal exercise. The reason why is because…

  • I do not want the boy to need to gain more to compensate for stronger muscles. I dislike overly saggy belly aprons and butts–the kind that some “superchubs” possess. The flab is too loose, the texture visibly changes (lumpy), and it obscures too much of (and draws attention away from) the other great features.

  • Hygiene problems are unappealing to me, but a few health issues arising from obesity are acceptable (or even pleasurable). Sleep apnea, heavy-exertion-triggered asthma, hypertension, flat feet, sweating, and low back pain are the only symptoms that are welcomed, and coping equipment (e.g. CPAP, inhaler, hot/cold pack) is required. Eating disorders and outright heart attacks are off the table (maybe full-on type-2 diabetes, too).

Finally some finishing details:

  • Since the gain will be steady, stretch marks should be kept to a minimum (treated semi-successfully by creams). Areolae should remain average-sized. Skin all around should be kept pristine. Puberty should be delayed and incomplete, leaving him masculine, but naturally without facial hair. Instead of intentional stuffing, I like just eating just a bit too much all of the time. It is a lack of portion control, not a desire to indulge in gluttony.

  • The focus should be on him and less on his relationships. No feeders or encouragers; his reluctant gain should only be maintained by his inability to exhibit self-control long enough to stick to his long-time resolution to lose weight (ever since a doctor informed him personally). I would actually prefer to avoid erotic scenes altogether, so that would make him a virgin. Ultimately, it is all about the (delicious, heaping) “slices of life” for me: the daily challenges (physical and emotional) and the progression (particularly the milestones). I consider it “idealist realism”–it should all be technically feasible, but only under the perfect circumstances.

…Sorry. I always get so carried away. Perhaps one of these days I will transform my concept into a story. For me, it just feels less satisfying (not to mention embarrassing) to read my mediocre writing. Oh, and I agree at least in part with practically everyone before me on this thread.


same thing though i never done it

hrng me likey big

Pudgy, chubby?
Slightly chubby to very unrealistically fat (so fat you’re as big as a house)

personnally the sweet spot is around a hip width of 1 metre, why? BECAUSE RATIOS

IRL: Pudgy to limits of chubby

Fantasy: Maybe big but never immobile preferencially… unless the character could lose all the weight almost instantly whenever they want, then i might be more flexible

I get no joy from legitimate loss of mobility. Some limited mobility issues are fun, like getting breathless doing simple walks/stairs. But mobility scooters and similar are huge no-nos for me. From a size perspective, once she starts losing and shape and starts more resembling a blob/lumps of fat, that is when I start losing the attraction.

Up until that point though, I pretty much get more attracted the larger someone is.

IRL I’d say the limit would be around the 200 pound mark. So they’d be tubby without crossing the line of morbidly obese (this number is assuming the individual has an average level of muscle mass). this isn’t a hard limit mind you, and if someone has a particularly flattering body type that compliments their current weight (like for example a lady who’s heavier than 200 but is an extreme pear shape) then I’m more than willing to make exceptions.

In addition to this, I do have preferences towards individuals who are tubby, yet still physically active, perhaps due to wanting to watch them jiggle, but mainly because the individual being healthy and happy is the sexiest thing of all o3o~

Also they’d need to eat quite a bit more than average to keep the weight which I mean… I dunno about anyone else, but seeing someone enjoy themselves and enjoy the food they’re eating to the point of stuffing themselves is quite cute :3

In fantasy however, it’s all dependent on how the individual is being drawn.

Hyper realism with cellulite and excessive rolls? no thank you.

Fairly unrealistic with rounded, aesthetically pleasing curves; smooth looking tummies; and massive thunder thighs? well then in that case, the only limits become whether the fantasy individual is mobile or not, since whilst it’s sometimes fun to see them turn into a big immobile marshmallow as maybe a part of a sequence, It’s not something I’m normally interested in ^^7

With fantasy, the sky is kinda the limit, and so long as the curves are nice to look at, any size can be a potential liking for myself owo~

I don’t know why, but I really like Akira Toryama fat characters with big, fat bellies and a roll or two around the feet, but mostly I just like fatfurs that are either cute with minimal details or imposing with a touch of ugliness.


Mostly prefer a girl belly that gets no larger than pregnant irl, and super preggers in fantasy. After that, it just becomes kind of a detriment in their day to day life - which is why I like to include the idea of a speed weight loss deal so not only can they keep their lives and health, they get to repeat the experience.

I like it when the fat is evenly distributed among the arms, belly, waist, and thighs with a little in the face and chest. In terms of real life weights, I would say my preference is where she’s noticeably obese but not to the point of being extremely unhealthy. So around ~250-300 pounds depending on how tall she is. Anything over 400 is pretty much an instant turn off though

Fictional weights are a little more flexible but it has to be within the range of what’s humanly possible. None of that whole “she turns into a literal blob the size of a car” shit.


I would fully agree, except over 400 is not necessarily a turn off for me - but the girls that look good with 600 are rare.

Yeah I’d have to say the same actually. But its definitely much harder to pull it off. By 600 pounds the fat starts to get stored in these weird fat bubbles sticking off of their thighs and whatnot and it’s just really gross