Ski Free 2 (forcefeeding game)

Here’s another game I made in under a week. I hope you like it!

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That was super fun. I can’t believe someone Rule 34’d the Ski Free monster, good work.

I suspect the answer is no, but is there any difference between feeding her an egg vs a skull? And is there anything you can do once you win, besides doing a punch?


out of curiosity, is there a win condition besides “the monster soars off into oblivion”?

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I actually really liked this game, the risk/reward factor of feeding the yeti was a really great idea! It actually felt pretty scary having to bait her closer in an attempt to stuff that gut.

If you ever decide to expand upon it, it could use a touch more polish though. (Like an actual “Win” screen for starters, rather than just punching the yeti into the mountains only for it to return a moment later.)

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The mouse sensitivity is INCREDIBLY high. I found myself turning 360 degrees without even trying to and getting completely disoriented way too often.

Gameplay is very slow. You have to run all the way to the next nest/skull, then wait for the yeti to open her mouth. It’s kind of a drag.

And, lastly, why is her head…like that? Kinda detracts from the, er, appeal of these kinds of games. She looks like Mrs. Pac-Man’s evil twin glued onto some poor woman’s headless corpse.

I wanted to enjoy this, but it just became a chore without very much reward in the end. The art assets are good, and it’s at least not buggy, but the slow pace combined with the lack of control over what’s happening and the way-too-sensitive camera just bring it down in the end.


So uh, I found that “R” seems to do something, interesting. Good inclusion.

got a let’s play up of the game :slight_smile:

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I definitely think the ending leaves a bit to be desired

Blockquote instead of just punching them away should should be able to tease them, feed them more, or something else.

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Fun fact
You can keep feeding her after she’s stopped by throwing stuff where her head would be
doesn’t seem to do anything as far as i know but i like the whole “she’s helpless to stop me” thing

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Always hated that yeti. Now you can get your revenge on it.

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