Sktrim modding problems

I’ve been trying to play skyrim SE modded but my skyui won’t work and I don’t know how to fix it. This is my current mod list

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If you have Skyrim within the steam environment then besides having SKSE (critical) to start skyrim, you must have steam up as well for it to work.

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I have the SE installed manually and it’s working but for SkyUI it says it’s having problems with other files but I don’t know how to check which files or mods are causing issues

My advice Get Mod Organizer 2 and run loot, I have a feeling that it’s a conflict between Weight Morphs and SkyUI. Make sure that SkyUI is loaded first before any other dependencies.

I use the nexus mod manager which has loot embedded. Mod Organizer works as well. Use either depending on your tastes. I have about 80 mods running with my Skyrim SE. Also be sure you have the right version SKSE (look here )