SkyCorp Global (furry TF text game)

So there’s a game called SkyCorp Global that includes furry and weight gain elements, and I figure some of y’all might enjoy it. It’s a text adventure set in a world where people can be rapidly transformed into various anthros, and the PC is swept up into a conflict between several factions competing for power.

It’s not focused on weight gain, but it is featured in several chapters, and is a major plot point of one:

  • Losing to a frog girl in chapter 2 will gradually transform you into another obese frog girl
  • Losing to a cowgirl in chapter 4 is a fattening event
  • During chapter 7, you become a whale and your “mate” attempts to keep you too fat to escape

(There’s also a significant amount of egg laying in chapters 3 and 6)

A free playable demo is available, but the full game is subscription-based and costs $9.99/mo.

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Kind of expensive for a text adventure

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Unfortunately I’m gonna skip this. I’m not a furry and the weight gain elements don’t seem worth it at that price

Gotta agree with you on that, and I tried the demo chapters, it’s not exactly the most intuitive game either.

I bought this game and i can’t really recommend it is currently unfinished but has dlc which i cannot access because i’m not a active subscriber on patreon even though i bought the game for 15 usd which just feels like i got screwed over.

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Yeah they really should drop the price A LOT, its not worth it to buy it