Skyrim help with bodyslider or etc

So recently I obtained some help modding the Winter Weight mod into Skyrim, although now I have a new issue. In Nexus where the Winterweight mod was found there are images that show models in which I expected to be part of the mod but are not.


If anybody can help me figure out how to make my character gain weight and turn into said example it would be nice.


I used to use WinterWeight a long time ago, as long as you have morphing enabled and stuff there should be an MCM menu with the same name. As long as that is there you should be able to modify the value of whatever you want (e.g. set breast to 2 and it will be bigger at max weight)
You can also change the value of how much weight almost all food adds to you, feeding from vampirism, and if you have devourment (vore mod) that can also add to your weight

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The issue I ma having though is my character gains weight except in the belly which is odd considering the screenshots on the mod shows a belly and all that jazz so.

Would it possible for a screenshot as an example as I have seen other show this but I can never find it in the MCM Winterweight tab.

What body are you using? CBBE/3BA/TBD/UUNP? Only CBBE-based (and 3BA) bodies will “automatically” gain weight in the belly through Winterweight. If you are using a custom body, you will need to build the body in BodySlide with “Build Morphs” checked.

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I am using CBBE but I have 3BBB physics enabled and even without my characters gains weight everywhere except the belly and love handles.

Idk if youll be willing but to tell me how you did it? I am thankful for previous help from others but I still have this issue.

Tbh this is my forst time mossing Skyrim but I have modded Fallout 4 before along with some other games such as cyberpunk. But Skyrim is its own beast, it feels impossible to make this mod in particular work.

The issue I am having is general understanding on why my characyer has no belly and how the bodyslider works for this. I kinda wish it was like Coldsteelj fallout 4 mod and have a seprate ssbbw3 slider.

You can scroll down in the winterweight tab all of the sliders for the bottom half of the body is there, if it is not then you did not download it properly

Ahh okay. I will reinstall it then. Thx

Hey so i got the body slider to work and now there is a ssbbw3 sin the mcm but it does not make the belly bigger but it does add a shape to it. How would I fix that because I was expecting it to hang off a bit.

I am not sure what ssbbw3 changes, if you modify the right side then that is your max weight which will not show unless your character is max weight. I have not messed with winterweight in a while but sometimes it does look a little janky and most of the time the names do not really indicate what it is going to change or look like

Honestly I am new to Skyrim and I am just trying to make this work, for example in Fallout 4 the bodyslide has this

However for Skyrim it has nothing and only provides default sliders and in game there are options but all the ones that supposedly cause weight gain are not applied. I really want my character to have a belly that is provided within the image above which is my main issue.

Are there two rows that have the same sliders? If so then the left side is what your minimum weight is set to and the one on the right is max weight. If you changed the max weight then you will have to actually “gain” the weight by eating or feeding through vampirism, or vore if you use the devourment mod


So after a large amount of trial and error I got the mod to work I think with eh devour mod to have the SSBBW3 slider, however the winterweight tab has disappeared and seems to of been replaced with the devour mod. is that good?

Pretty sure that means devourment overwrote winterweight. Make winterweight load after devourment in your load order

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Sorry to necropost, but Im having a similarish issue. The mod is working and Its set up, but I cant seem t adjust any of the numbers in the MCM and I cant even seem to select them. Does anyone know the solution?

Unfortunately it seems like the Special Edition of the game got an update and existing mods for it may no longer work as is. Wait for some updates to the mods.


AE has been out long enough that nearly every mod worth something has been updated. Just make sure you go through your whole mod list and make sure any new dependencies (I’d say 25-30% of my mods) are downloaded as well. It shouldn’t be hard as long as you go line by line.


The game did get updated this month.

Okay, I can perhaps help tomorrow. But form I have learned is that the load order is the most important thing, you need devourment mod and have it enabled before the winter weight in the load order. Its really janky

Meanwhile I’m having a weirder issue. Mod is enabled, Sliders work, using the test sliders and setting my weight works, but it doesn’t stay. Down the bottom of general it always displays my weight as 0. Tested it with a ton of food items and it hasn’t budged. Not sure if I’ve missed something…